Dairy Equipment

Get the right dairy equipment from us if you are or want to venture in the lucrative milk value addition business. All our equipment come with 1 year warranty.

Dairy Equipment


Get into the lucrative milk selling business with a High quality Milk ATM. Can be configured to dispense milk of any amount client needs.

Milk ATMs
Cooking Oil ATMs

Salad Oil ATMs

We make high quality salad oil ATMs that you can trust to offer you long service. They can dispense oil of any amount the client wants.

Salad Oil ATMs
Water Vending ATMs

Water Station Equipment

Get the right equipment for venturing into water vending business. We do free installation and commissioning of the equipment.

Water Vending Machines
Domestic Water Purifier

Domestic Water Purifier

This is the latest clean water solution technology. It is suitable for borehole water, well water, piped water also river water that's not polluted.

Automatic Gates
Automatic Hand Washing Machine

Automatic Hand Washing Machine

This is the latest hand washing solution. The automatic hand washing machine is ideal for hotels, offices, malls, hospitals, schools etc. It makes washing hands very easy.

Automatic Gates
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The Home of Automation

Our Vending Machines are programmed to provide you with high levels of accuracy while at the same time allowing you to
input customized calibrations that suit your customers.

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Our Assurance

Our products are made with High quality components and materials to give you lasting service and value for your money. We always test all equipment before dispatch to the client to ensure it’s working as intended.

Additionally we give a 1 Year warranty on all products and offer after sale services. We also continually to offer repair and maintenance over the lifetime of the equipment.

We also offer free basic maintenance training to our customers to fix simple repairs that might inconvenience smooth business operations like simple leaks, etc

Our Core Values
What Drives Us
  • >Adherance to Business Ethics.
  • >Adherance to Quality Standards.
  • >Compliance With set Regulations.
  • >Caring.
  • >Fairness.

                 WHY CHOOSE US

SASET Technical Services

We are experts in fabricating industrial and business equipment. Our products are of superior quality.

We are affordable and our after sale services are timely and very affordable too.

By choosing us you are guaranteed of high quality equipment that will give you the best service without breaking down. This will enable your business to run at maximum capacity at the most cost efficient level.

You will also get free basic maintenance training to fix simple repairs that might inconvenience smooth business operations like simple leaks, etc

We also offer advice on the best machinery for scaling up your business.

Get in touch with us today with your inquiry or for a quotation of your preferred product.



    Since I bought a milk dispensing machine from SASET my business operations were simplified and the sales made so far is something to smile about.


    The efficiency of the automated teller machines is impressive. Hygiene had been a major challenge to some of my employees. Since I got the ATM machines it’s no longer a worry. Thank you guys for delivering right at my doorstep.

    John Kirwa

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