3 Businesses You Can Start in 2021 and Make Good Money

3 Businesses You Can Start in 2024 and Make Good Money

3 Businesses You Can Start in 2024 and Make Good Money


2024 is here and many people have a resolution to start a business and increase their income. With the uncertainty of the Kenyan job market it is advisable to have multiple sources of income. That’s why we felt we should share these 3 businesses you can start in 2024 and make good money.

At the beginning of every year many people come up with great resolutions and one major resolution many people write down is to start a business so as to add to their income. This is a great resolution but not many realize it. Why? The reason is because many people don’t know which businesses they can venture into and earn reliable income throughout the year. That should not be a big concern for you this year because we have three proven businesses you can start this year and make a stable income even when hard times come.

3 Businesses You Can Start in 2024 and Make Good Money

Water vending business

Water filling stationWater is a necessity but not just any water is fit for human consumption. In most urban centres, people are really concerned about the safety of the water they consume. As a result it has created a demand for safe purified water and you can help fulfil this need by venturing into water vending business.

Water vending station is a business you can be guaranteed of always having clients. You can be assured of return on investment because clean water is in demand. At Saset, we are experts in manufacturing water vending stations and related equipment. If you want a complete plant for a water station we are the most preferred service provider with clients all over the country.

We manufacture high quality water vending equipment that will serve you without hitches for a long time. We also offer after sale service and our products come with 13 month warranty. Not only that we also offer our clients free basic maintenance training to help you fix simple problems that might occur so your business operations don’t get affected.

We have also prepared a comprehensive guide on how to start a water vending business in Kenya that you can refer to here.

Selling milk using ATMSASET Milk ATMs, Milk Dispensing ATM Machine

Milk is a daily consumed household commodity. There is always demand for milk and because ATM milk is cheaper than packet milk from milk processing companies, many people prefer it. This guarantees you daily income if you start this business. With careful research for a strategic location where there is no competition, then you can be assured of good daily income.

To succeed in this business and enjoy the fruits of your investment in the long run, you need a high quality milk ATM that is Kenya Dairy Board(KDB) approved. You really need to be careful you don’t buy a milk ATM that is not approved by KDB because it will land you in trouble with their field officers.

If you need a KDB approved and high quality milk ATM get in touch with us. We make the best milk ATMs in Kenya at very affordable prices. Our milk ATMs have been bought by clients from all over the country because we are known for quality. A big number of our clients refer others to us because they trust our products.

Our milk ATMs come with a password protected PLC unit that stores digital records of the sales which help in sales reconciliation. This gives you peace of mind even if you have employed someone to run the business for you. It also helps you adjust prices easily whenever necessary.

Selling salad/cooking oil using ATM

Double unit salad atmThe third type of business you can venture into this year is that of selling salad/cooking oil using an ATM. Salad oil is also another daily consumed household commodity. Every house cooks every day and because salad oil is healthier than cooking fat, many healthy conscious Kenyans prefer it. The problem is that not many households can afford to buy the pricier cooking oils packed in bottles.

Many household in the middle and low income levels can only afford to buy in small quantities regularly. This gives you a great business opportunity if you set up your business in a location where such clients live. You can be assured that you will have daily income from this business if you find the right location.

The success or failure of this business is also determined by the quality of salad oil ATM you have. Don’t go for just any machine because some might not be very reliable and might also not last long. The pumping unit might fail any time if you get a low quality machine which might cause your business operations to grind to a halt. A faulty machine might also cost you to replace it.

However instead of gambling with a cooking oil ATM, get in touch with us to acquire one that you have a guarantee it will serve you well. Our salad ATMs come with a 13 month warranty. We also offer after sale service to our clients which should give you peace of mind that your business will keep running every time.

3 businesses you can start in 2024 and make good money- final word

The above are 3 businesses you can start in 2024 and make good money. These are tried and tested businesses you can venture into confidently. However remember as with any other business, research and preparation is key. You need to research the best location and prepare adequately on how you start, run and grow the business. Know where you will be getting the stock at affordable rates. Also important is knowing the best prices that will attract and retain potential clients. Don’t be greedy even if you are the only one offering the product.

If you need any of the abovementioned equipment get in touch with us today. As indicated earlier we offer 13 months warranty, after sale service and free training on basic maintenance to help your business keep running without avoidable interruptions.

To get in touch with us use WhatsApp, call us, email us, leave a comment on the comment box or fill in the contact us form.

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