Automatic Hand Washing Machine

Automatic Hand Washing Machine

An automatic hand wash machine is designed to help you wash your hands easily without having to open up taps or press a soap dispenser. It is designed in a way that you just need to place your hands under the hood and hand washing soap and water oozes out.
The Dispenser dispenses about 3 drops of liquid soap and then water for cleansing your hands after you smear the liquid soap on your hands.

This machine is very convenient at a time like this that the world is facing the challenge of coronavirus covid19. It can be placed at convenient places like malls, hospitals, schools, entrances to buildings, offices, restaurants, or even along the road.

If you are a hotel owner or a business person with an office or own a mall this is very ideal for you.

The benefits of installing an automatic hand washing machine

Enhances hygiene

The automatic hand washing machine will greatly enhance hygiene in your premises because it gives people a simple way to wash their hands.

Simple to operate

The machine doesn’t need any technical know how to operate. It can be operated by any person.

Encourages people to wash hands regularly

The hand washing machine is a great motivator for people to wash their hands regularly because when strategically placed people will always be reminded to wash their hands.

Helps you save on soap and water

The fact that it dispenses everything from the same source means no spillage of water and soap. This will help to save on these by stopping wastage.

Occupies little space

Since the machine is not bulky the amount of space it occupies is very little. This enables it to be placed in very strategic location without causing any obstruction or inconveniencing anything.

Very affordable

The cost of the hand washing machine is very affordable. This enables both individuals and businesses install it without feeling the financial pinch even in such economically hard times.

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