Drinking water purifier machine prices in Kenya, Reverse Osmosis System made in Kenya

Drinking Water Purifier Machine Prices in Kenya | Water Purifier Prices In Kenya

Drinking Water Purifier Machine Prices in Kenya | Water Purifier Prices In Kenya

Water vending business is a lucrative business one can venture into if well planned. This is because water is essential for life and everyday people have to take water. However the challenge for clean drinking water means people can’t enjoy this resource freely and therefore needs to be addressed. Since you can’t sell unsafe water for drinking, you need to find a solution. The solution is a water purifier. Later in this post we will look at drinking water purifier machine prices in Kenya.

Saset is the leading manufacturer and installer of drinking water purifiers in Kenya. But before we discuss about the prices, let us look at some of the features of different machines we make to help you make an informed decision when buying.

Features of our drinking water purifiers

The reason why we have different types of water purifier machines is because different sources of water have different contaminants and impurities. That is why before we suggest the machine most suited for your water, we need a lab test results. This helps us know which machine to make for you.

Multistage treatment

Saset Reverse Osmosis systemsOur water purifier machines have different stages of water treatment. It is important to note that not all stages might be necessary depending with your water source. For example council water is already pre-treated and purified to a certain extent. Therefore it cannot go through the same purification and treatment process as borehole, sea, dam or river water. Below is a brief explanation of different stages:

  1. 1st stage – Sand filtration– for removal of large particles.
  2. 2nd& 3rd stage – Cartridge filtration– removal of suspended particles.
  3. 4th stage –Carbon filtration– removal of insecticides, organic chemicals, chlorine, herbicides and unpleasant taste.
  4. 5th stage – Micro filtration– further removal of suspended particles and bacterial removal.
  5. 6th stage – Ultra Violet disinfection– at this stage water is exposed to ultra violet rays to kill bacteria and totally disinfect the water.

Multisource water treatment

As said earlier our water purifiers are able to treat water from different sources. We have machines capable of purifying water to drinkable quality from different sources like:

  1. Boreholes & wells
  2. Rivers
  3. Dams
  4. Sea/ocean
  5. Council water
  6. Etc.

High efficiency

Our water purifiers are very efficient in their water purification. There is no wastage of water and what is thrown away are the impurities. Not only are they efficient in water conservation but also in removing the total dissolved solids, fluorides and other impurities found in ground water. They produce water that meets bottled water standards as set out by KEBS. This is very important for those who are venturing or already in the water vending and bottling business.

13 month warranty

We are committed to manufacturing world class water treatment machines. Our water purifiers meet international standards because they have been manufactured using international standards components. But to ensure that we mean it, we give our clients a 13 month warranty on any water purifier they buy from us.

Drinking water purifier machine prices in Kenya

Water Filtration Machines in KenyaBelow are some drinking water purifier machine prices in Kenya:

Pure Water Plants- Tap Water Purification System

Price range 250ltrs/hr- 1000ltrs/h = Ksh 170,000 – Ksh250,000

Saset Reverse Osmosis System

300ltrs/h- 1000ltrs/h = Ksh270,000 – 600,000

SASET General purpose water plant

250ltr/h – 3000ltrs/h = Ksh330,000 – Ksh1,350,000

The above are drinking water purifier machine prices in Kenya shillings that we offer to our clients. You can inquire more on which is most suited for your needs by getting in touch with us.

Place your order for a drinking water purifier machine today

Are you in the market for a drinking water purifier machine? Get in touch with us today to place your order or inquire more. You can call us, WhatsApp us, send us an email, leaving a comment or filling out the contact form. We always respond to our clients immediately or soonest possible if we aren’t in a position to respond immediately.

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