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Flour, Rice and Sugar Dispensing Machine

What is a flour and cereals dispensing machine

A flour, rice and sugar dispensing machine also known as a flour & cereals vending machine is a smart vending machine. It is a locally fabricated machine for vending flour, sugar, rice and various types of cereals at quantities corresponding to the amount of money the client has. It is designed to dispense flour according to the price calibration you configure similar to a salad cooking oil vending ATM or milk vending ATM. You can use it to sell small quantities of flour or cereals as per the client’s money.

How a flour, rice and sugar dispensing machine operates

As said above, it employs a similar mechanism like a cooking oil ATM or milk ATM. You just key in the amount of money the client has on the digital keypad of the PLC and the machine dispenses flour, sugar or cereals equivalent to that amount. Since it’s calibrated to dispense products at a pre-set rate, it is very accurate.

For example if you calibrate 1kg of rice at Ksh150 it’s able to dispense exactly 1kg when you key in 150 on the digital keypad. But because it’s a smart computerized machine, the calibration is very accurate. The calibration price is the base rate that is used to determine other amounts. This means even if the amount fed is less or more than the calibrated price, it will dispense what is equivalent to that amount.

The PLC can also be used to record daily sales which comes in handy when doing sales reconciliation to know if there are any shortages or losses.

5 Advantages Of Using A Flour Vending Machine In Your Business5 advantages of using a flour, rice and sugar dispensing machine in your business

  1. Keep correct sales records for reconciliation purposes. As previously stated, the flour vending machine incorporates a PLC unit that connects with the dispensing mechanism to determine how much to dispense. It also stores sales records, which you can later utilise for sales reconciliation. You don’t have to keep track of how many books you sell by hand.
  2. Helps to keep dishonest personnel from cheating. If you are running your business as a side hustle and have hired someone to handle it for you, selling flour through a vending machine reduces the possibility of cheating. As long as the flour is sold through this machine, you can keep track of daily sales and prevent employees from stealing from you.
  3. A straightforward and efficient means of selling your items. A flour dispensing machine greatly simplifies your life. This is because it is simple to use and does not require any special knowledge. Because it is a computerized system, it helps you to be more efficient.
  4. It is not restricted to certain weights, like a weighing scale is. One of the primary limitations of a typical weighing scale is weight limitation. You note that your weights are just 14 kg, 12 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, and occasionally 5 kg.

The issue with weighing scale weights is that you can only sell predetermined volumes based on weight rather than the buyer’s financial situation. A flour vending machine, on the other hand, just enters the buyer’s amount of money and the machine dispenses the proper amount of flour.

  1. Sell more things in smaller quantities. A flour and cereals dispensing machine enables you to sell more products in smaller quantities, which is very useful in low-income neighbourhoods. These residents shop in smaller quantities yet more frequently. This is because their income is mostly earned in small sums every day as a result of their jobs. That is why even major organisations, like as telecoms and fast-moving consumer goods companies, provide modest product and service packages.

Where to buy flour, rice and sugar dispensing machine in Kenya

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 Flour and Cereals Dispensing Machines5 Advantages Of Using A Flour Vending Machine In Your Business

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