Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs

Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs

KSh 45,000.00

Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs

Features of our mama pima cooking oil ATMs:

  1. The digital control panel (PLC) is calibrated in Kenya shillings.
  2. Heating system to allow heating of salad oil in very cold temperatures to prevent solidification.
  3. Stainless steel food grade tanks, food grade tubes, piping, and pumps.
  4. Pocket-friendly, produced in Kenya, and certified.
  5. It has self-cleaning vending tubes.
  6. It is small, takes up little space, and is movable in case you need to relocate.
  7. It is password locked, thus no tampering with its programming is permitted.
  8. Prices can be reprogrammed to fit the client’s needs.
  9. Capability to determine daily sales in Kenya shillings and salad in litres.
  10. Accepts M-Pesa/coins/GSM control/digital PLC input.
  11. Can dispense as little as 10ksh.
  12. 13 months warranty.
  13. Client-specific branding on request.


Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs

Benefits of Using Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs

When it comes to innovative solutions that redefine convenience and accessibility, Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs stand out as a game-changer in the cooking oil industry. It’s an idea that was birthed by the ministry of trade and announced by CS Kuria. It involves selling affordable cooking oil via dispensers the government call mama pima edible oil dispensers. These automated machines are not just dispensers; they represent a transformative approach to selling vegetable cooking oil. Let’s delve into the intricacies of how Saset’s mama pima salad oil ATMs offer a multitude of advantages to both sellers and customers.

Below are the benefits of using Saset mama pima cooking oil ATMs to sell vegetable cooking oil to consumers:

Conveniently Positioned Locations

Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs strategically position themselves in areas of high foot traffic, such as bustling markets, bus stations, and schools. This strategic placement ensures that customers can easily access cooking oil whenever they need it, even during the late hours. The convenience of these locations translates into a seamless shopping experience for customers, eliminating the need for time-consuming trips to traditional retailers.

Affordable Access to Quality Cooking Oil

One of the most compelling benefits of Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs is the affordability they bring to the table. The salad oil dispensed by these ATMs is often more economical compared to purchasing cooking oil from conventional outlets. This cost-effectiveness is attributed to the machines’ ability to dispense oil in smaller quantities. This feature caters perfectly to individuals who require just a small amount of cooking oil for their culinary endeavors, allowing them to save money without compromising on quality.

Hygienic and Safety-Focused Approach

Food safety is paramount, and Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs are designed with this principle in mind. These ATMs ensure a hygienic and safe dispensing process, alleviating concerns customers might have about the quality and cleanliness of the cooking oil. This focus on food safety not only reassures customers but also establishes trust in the product, making it an appealing option for health-conscious consumers.

Lightweight and Portable Design

The lightweight and portable nature of Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs contributes to their versatility. Installation becomes a hassle-free process, and if the need arises, the machines can be easily relocated to optimize customer reach. This feature makes these ATMs adaptable to changing market dynamics and allows sellers to experiment with different locations to maximize customer engagement.

Longevity and Reliability

Investing in Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs is an investment in longevity. Crafted from high-quality materials and designed with durability in mind, these machines are built to withstand the test of time. This longevity reduces maintenance costs and ensures a consistent customer experience, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

Assurance with Warranty

Saset offers a significant 13-month warranty on all Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs, underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality. This warranty provides peace of mind to business owners, ensuring that their investment is protected and any technical issues are promptly addressed.

Nationwide Delivery Service

Saset’s commitment to accessibility extends to its delivery service. Irrespective of your location within Kenya, Saset ensures that Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs are delivered to your doorstep. This seamless distribution network makes it easier for entrepreneurs across the country to benefit from this innovative solution.

Custom Branding for Personalization

Saset recognizes the importance of branding, and thus offers the option for custom branding of the dispensers. This feature allows businesses to tailor the machines to their brand’s aesthetic, further enhancing their visibility and recognition.

Choose Saset High-quality Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs

In your pursuit of a convenient, affordable, and hygienic solution for buying cooking oil, Saset Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs emerge as a superior choice. With benefits ranging from strategic locations and affordability to hygienic dispensing and versatile design, these ATMs offer a comprehensive solution that addresses multiple aspects of consumer needs. If you’re ready to embrace a transformative way of providing cooking oil to your customers, Saset’s Mama Pima Cooking Oil ATMs are undoubtedly a smart investment.


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