About us- Who we are

Saset Technical Services which is a privately owned technical services provider was first incorporated in Kenya in 2017.

Our World of Innovative Business Solutions

At the heart of our operations, we stand as the premier manufacturers of a diverse array of business machines and equipment designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises. Our product portfolio is extensive, encompassing:

  • Salad Oil ATMs: Revolutionize the way you dispense cooking oil with our state-of-the-art cooking oil ATMs, also known as cooking oil dispensers.
  • Milk Vending ATMs: Our dairy milk dispensers offer a fresh and convenient solution for milk distribution.
  • Water Purification Systems: From reverse osmosis water purifiers to comprehensive solutions for your entire home, including under-the-sink models, and whole house domestic water purifiers, we ensure your water is pure and safe.
  • Dairy Equipment: Keep your milk fresh and high-quality with our milk chillers, pasteurizers, and holding tanks.
  • Water Vending Station Machines: Equip your water vending business with our reliable and efficient machines and equipment.

Our expertise extends beyond manufacturing. We are seasoned professionals in:

  • Swimming Pool Construction: Dive into luxury with our custom-designed swimming pools, crafted to perfection.
  • Modern Bio-Digesters: Embrace sustainability with our modern bio-digesters, also known as blow aerators, which offer an eco-friendly waste management solution.

In addition to these services, we specialize in outsourcing contracts, aiding businesses in the identification and procurement of the best machines and equipment to enhance their operational efficiency.

We have long term arrangements with various partners including the courier services to ensure fast and efficient delivery of products to our clients throughout the country.

At SASET Technical Services we have clientele cutting across various sectors in the manufacturing, construction and independent Small and Medium Enterprises.

Our Vision

To be the preferred technical services company in Kenya offering a mix of technology infused products driving prosperity to small and medium traders in Kenya


We shall take no shortcuts to ethics, compliance and quality. We strive to be fair and caring towards employees, customers, community, environment and other stakeholders.


Join us in our journey to innovate and elevate your business practices with our cutting-edge solutions.

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