Water Purification & Vending Equipment

Water Purification & Vending Equipment

Our Water Purification & Vending Equipment are of the highest quality made to provide safe drinking water to the consumers. If you would like to invest in the business of water vending or any other commercial use these are ideal for you. They come in different capabilities and capacity as explained below. They are also ideal for schools, homes, businesses, companies, hospitals, Hotels etc.

Pure Water Plants- Tap Water Purification System
These water purification systems are designed for the production of totally pure water from the majority of natural or municipal sources with typical
application being bottle water production. They eliminate most conditions of impurity including sediment, taste or odour and bacterial contamination.

Borehole Water with Minimum Fluoride and Total Dissolved Matter.

Underground water mostly contains dissolved solids. Part of these solids is fluoride which is not good for human consumption. We recommend the use of special resin namely activated alumina. Activated alumina is a special compound that absorbs fluoride from water just the way borne and teeth adsorb fluoride in our drinking water.

Saset Reverse Osmosis System– (for water treatment with less fluoride and total dissolved matter)

  • Sand filtration
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Sediment filters
  • Reverse osmosis plant
  • Micro filtration
  • UV disinfection Pre-treatments (i.e, chlorination/antiscalant/PH adjustment dosing).

Borehole Water- With High Fluoride and Total Dissolved Matter

Underground water with high mineral content requires a more vigorous way of removing these minerals. By use of membrane technology, we are able to achieve removal of minerals from water up to above 96% reduction levels whilst maintaining essential minerals that is healthy for intake. One of the most common treatment processes is reverse osmosis.

SASET General Purpose Water Plant (with high fluoride, iron and suspended solids)


Saset Water Vending Machines/Filling Stations

How to Start a Water Vending ATM Business in Kenya


  1. Stainless steel storage tank 250 ltrs
  2. Prefilters/ sediment filters
  3. Pump, piping & digital control panel
  4. Has meter to keep sales record
  5. Automated vending system 6. Accepts M-Pesa/coins/GSM control/digital PLC input.

Secondary Filtration Bench Vending Machine- For treated water


  1. Attached bottle rinser (add Ksh 30,000 for every additional tap.)
  2. Mobile: can easily be moved from place to place.
  3. Has automatic vending system
  4. Accepts M-Pesa/coins/GSM control/ digital PLC input.
  5. Has stainless steel storage/holding tank
  6. Suitable for all types of containers
  7. Made with stainless steel food grade 304

Saset Bottle Rinser Jet Type


Machine has 2 sinks:

  1. For washing outside of the bottle with raw water.
  2. Pressurized jet to rinse inside the bottle with product water. Can rinse all sizes of bottles from 500ml to 20l.

Water Purification & Vending Equipment

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