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Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

Saset Technical Services is a leader in swimming pool construction in Kenya. We make swimming pools that are long lasting and beautiful. Our clientele includes, private homes, schools, hotels, clubs, companies and different institutions depending on their need. Our swimming pools are durable and affordable. We not only make swimming pools but we also do repair and maintenance.

Our swimming pools are customized to suit any customer and give them the satisfaction that they seek. Our technical team comprises of highly qualified and experienced personnel. We also meet the legal architectural requirements and we have the necessary certification to allow us offer this service.

For a residential pool in your home, we can construct a pool that has the unique shape you want or fits in the space you have available. For the commercial pools found in clubs, schools & institutions, the rectangular shape is more preferable although we can still make other shapes like oval shaped pools.

However before construction we have to make a site visit to do evaluation and advice the best option for you. This also helps us determine if your premises is suitable and also advice what you need to have in place to enable us install the pool.

Types of swimming pool construction we offer:

Swimming pool construction - SasetThere are two main types of swimming pools we make; the free board pool and the deck level pool also known as the overflow pool.

Free board swimming pool

A free board pool is one where the water level reaches between four and six inches from the brim.

Deck level swimming pool

This type of pool has the water level filled to the brim such that any displacement of water causes it to run over/spill over.

The basic considerations we make before construction of the swimming pools are as follows:

  1. We evaluate if the pool position will allow for maximum sunlight as much as possible. It’s very important that the pool receives sufficient amount of sunlight especially in the afternoons. This is because that’s the time many people like to swim and the water will be warmer.
  2. The location that is near trees to the pool must be avoided as much as possible. This is because the roots of the trees can cause damage to the pool structure. The tree leaves can also keep falling into the pool and contaminate the water and stain the pool walls.
  • It’s also very important to have a wind breaker like a wall or nearby building. This helps to prevent chills that come when it’s not very hot and the body is wet as well as reduce the amount of dust/dirt that can be swept into the pool by wind.
  1. We also evaluate the availability of amenities like drainage, electricity, and water supply.
  2. Other important facilities we evaluate how they will fit in especially for a public/commercial pool are changing rooms and washrooms. We also check if they have proper drainage to ensure the waste water doesn’t find its way to the swimming pool.
  3. Landscaping near and around the swimming pool area has also to be carried out with proper professional guidance.

Basic Requirements in Swimming Pool Construction:

  1. Strong pool shell- the floors and the walls must be structurally sound.
  2. Water tight pool shell- must ensure it can’t leak in or leak out water.
  • Good finish- The floor and interior wall surface must be properly finished with a smooth, water tight and an attractive material. The finishing must also enable easy cleaning of the surface to ensure water in the pool is of required clarity and purity.
  1. Safety steps- For pools that will be used by young children and non–swimmers, they must have safety steps all around the walls.
  2. Perimeter walkway- The pool must have a walkway along the perimeter of the pool made of non-slip material that can be easily cleaned and is highly durable. However smooth river pebbles can be used to give it classic unique and beautiful touch.

saset deck level swimming pools Saset free board swimming pools

If you are looking for a reliable swimming pool construction service provider you came to the right place. Get in touch with us so we can pay you a visit to do the evaluation, measurements and give you a quote.


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