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Batch Pasteurizers- Call 0726 74 74 03

KSh 160,000.00

Batch Pasteurizers

Batch pasteurizers features:

  1. Has geared motor fixed with agitator for mixing the product.
  2. Has temperature monitoring gauge.
  3. Made of stainless steel grade 304 or grade 316 depending with use.
  4. Installed with its control panel.
  5. It consists of three shells, inner shell for product, middle shell for hot water and outer shell for cladding.ie the product is heated indirect using water.
  6. Comes in variety of 3 heating options i.e. gas, elements or steam.


Batch Pasteurizers

Are you looking for a batch pasteurizer that can pasteurize a variety of items such as milk, juice, tomato paste, and so on? You have come to the right place because Saset is a leading manufacturer of KEBS-compliant batch pasteurizers. If you are looking for one, please contact us right away.

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