Batch Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in Kenya

Batch Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in Kenya

Batch Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in Kenya

Are you searching for a batch milk pasteurizer for sale in Kenya? You have landed at the right place because Saset is a leading manufacturer of high quality batch milk pasteurizers among other dairy equipment. If therefore you are in the market for one get in touch with us today.

What is a batch milk pasteurizer?

A batch milk pasteurizer is one that heats milk in portions(batches) depending with the capacity. Let’s say it has a capacity of 200ltrs, it will heat the milk in batches of 200ltrs at a time. Batch pasteurizers are more suited for small scale dairy firms and small scale milk processing and value addition firms.

Types of batch milk pasteurizers

Batch Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in KenyaGas heating pasteurizers- these are pasteurizers that use gas to generate heat for pasteurizing the milk. It is worthy to note that pasteurizers do not do direct heating but first heat water in a jacket that then transfers the heat to the milk. This helps to retain quality and taste of milk because it can’t burn.

Electric heating pasteurizers- this method of heating is similar to how gas pasteurizers work but instead of gas they use electric elements to produce heat. However one important thing to note is that there are two types of electric types that can be used. Either single phase or 3 phase installation. You therefore need to determine the type of the electricity installed in your premises so that you can get the right pasteurizer.

Steam heating pasteurizers- these pasteurizers are a bit different from the other two in that they need steam pumped into the jacket. The steam is what heats the contents inside. Generally they are faster and more recommended for larger volumes because of their speed in heating. However you require a separate steam generator and it has to be reliable in that it can produce sufficient high pressure steam to heat the substances inside.

Steam pasteurizers are also heavier and more expensive than their other counterparts because they require thicker and heavier steel for maximum safety.

High quality batch milk pasteurizer for sale in Kenya

Saset is a leader in manufacturing of dairy equipment. Other dairy equipment we make include: milk holding tanks, milk chillers/coolers and milk ATMs. However if you are searching where you can find a high quality batch milk pasteurizer for sale in Kenya we are the right people to manufacture one for you.

Get in touch with us today via WhatsApp, calling or sending an inquiry via the comment box and we will revert soonest possible.

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