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How to Start a Cooking Oil ATM Business in Kenya- Call 0726 74 74 03

How to Start a Cooking Oil ATM Business in Kenya

Have you been considering starting a cooking oil ATM business? We would love to make your work easier and help you make an informed decision. In this article we will share a few insights that we know will help you be able to know whether this is for you or not.

Salad oil is a vegetable oil used for cooking food in many households in Kenya. It’s more preferred than the cooking fat because of it’s convenience to use and believed to have lower cholesterol than cooking fat or animal fat.

Factors to consider before starting a cooking oil ATM business in Kenya

what can make a salad oil ATM business failBefore you venture into the cooking oil ATM business consider the following:


Location should be top of your list of considerations. The business needs to be located at an ideal place where you are assured of being easily accessible. You cannot survive in this business if your shop is located in an interior backyard like those chang’aa dens. This is a facility that serves the public of all ages. Some parents even send their children to buy cooking oil so it should be easily accessible and in a safe place.

Business licences and work permits

As it is the case with any other business, you must obtain the relevant business permits/licences from the county government. However if you are setting it up alongside an already ongoing business that you have the documents for doing the business you don’t need to get extra licences for the salad oil ATM side of business. A good example and one that can really run well alongside the salad oil business is a shop, a supermarket, a cereals shop etc.

Source of the salad oil

It’s very important to have a reliable and affordable supplier or source of the salad oil. However this should not be an issue considering the many wholesalers in many urban centers. You can also link up with distributors of companies that make the salad oil to be supplying to you when they are distributing to wholesalers.

Market price of salad oil

You need to be competitive enough otherwise no one will buy from you especially in cases where there are others in the same locality you are in who are also selling the salad oil. Your prices should also be lower enough to justify someone buying from you rather than buying a particular brand from the shop or supermarket.

Cooking oil dispenser

This is the most important and valuable equipment you need for this business. The cooking oil dispenser should be of high quality and able to operate smoothly without breaking down every now and then. Therefore you must source for a reliable supplier who will make one for you at an affordable price and of highest quality. This takes us to the next point or where to buy one and the price.

SASET Technical Services are a top manufacturer of high quality cooking oil ATMs. Get in touch with us today for a quotation.

salad oil ATM in Kenya

We also make other dairy equipment like Milk Pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.


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10 thoughts on “How to Start a Cooking Oil ATM Business in Kenya- Call 0726 74 74 03”

  1. Hi,am from Zambia and am very interested in getting one for a start up business, how much in dollars?

    1. Hi Chisha,
      Thanks for inquiring. A good one will cost you about 1400 USD. This is not factoring the cost of transport and duty you may incur while transporting to Zambia. But the good thing there are a number of transport companies that transport goods between Kenya and Zambia. You can approach one especially those that transport cereals and sugar to Kenya on their way back they can give you good rates.

  2. Joyce Mataga Ulimwwngu

    I am interested in transformation of agricultural products to consumable products. For example cooking oil from sunflowers, corn, simusimu,groundnuts etc, body oils from ovacados, simusimu etc and from milk cheese, Yoghurt. Can your machines be handy to me? Thanks

      1. Hello Paul,
        Cooking Oil Atm ranges from 50000 depending on the capacity you need.
        Please reach us through 0726747403/0101747447
        for a discounted price.

  3. Hello
    Can you give me a quotation for varioue=s litre capacities for Salad dispensing machine, so that I can work out what I can start with.

    1. hello Morris, welcome to Saset technical services, the minimum capacity:
      20 liters- 55,000ksh
      70 liters -60,000ksh
      120 liters- 70,000ksh
      160 liters- 80,000ksh
      200 liters- 95,000ksh
      we offer free delivery country wide and 1 year warranty. for more information call +254726747403. Thanks.

        1. Hello Kelvin ,
          Welcome to Saset Tecncal Services.
          Yes! we can chat reach me on 0101747447.
          For more information on the machine.

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