How to Easily Make Ksh 200,000 per Month Using a Water Vending ATM Machine in Kenya

How to Easily Make Ksh 200,000 per Month Using a Water Vending ATM Machine in Kenya

How to Easily Make Ksh 200,000 per Month Using a Water Vending ATM Machine in Kenya

The covid19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our economy. It has also showed us that employment should not be relied upon even if you have a stable job. This calls for a complete paradigm shift as individuals and at the leadership level on the approach towards jobs and income generating ventures we embrace.

The solution

The old adage that ‘never put your eggs in one basket’ holds water to this day. Economic and financial experts advise that you should diversify your investment portfolio. In the same breadth having more than one income generating source is very advisable. This helps in case one fails or is not doing so well the other can step in. It’s also a good thing to have more money even if your main source is giving you good income.

When it comes to venturing to business or side hustle, go for one that you are assured of ready market. What better venture than water vending business? It’s said water is life and rightly so water is one of 3 requirements for life others being food and air.

The demand for clean drinking water in many households continues to increase every day. Many Kenyans are becoming conscious of the dangers of consuming contaminated water and are seeking alternatives to municipal supplied water.

One income generating venture you can opt for and be assured of daily clients is a water vending ATM machine.

This is how you can easily make Ksh 200,000 per month using a water vending ATM machine in Kenya

Let assume you sell your water at Ksh 10 and sell 1000ltrs per day.

10sh x 1000lts= 10000sh

10000sh x 30days= 300,000sh

Now assuming your overhead costs per month total to Ksh 100,000 you are left with a cool Ksh 200,000.

However this is when you are selling at the price of Ksh 10. There are instances where you can make much more or less. For example if you sell your water at 20sh you double that amount and if you sell at Ksh 5 you will not realize that amount. The secret is to find a suitable location where there is no competition and good population of potential clients.

Note this is just for dispenser water. You can also bottle your own and supply to nearby shops to make extra money.

Case study:

In Umoja estate Nairobi, there are areas where water is sold at Ksh 10 per liter and there are places it’s sold at 5sh per liter. Why the difference you may be wondering. In one case there are 3 water vending stations near each other including a supermarket. In the second case, there are no near water vending stations so the vendor enjoys higher prices.

It’s a no brainer therefore to conclude that the location you choose will determine if you enjoy top prices or not.

How we can help you easily start a water vending ATM machine business in Kenya

At Saset we make high quality water vending ATM machines at very affordable prices. When you buy the water vending ATM machine from us, we connect you with suppliers of purified water that meets KEBS standards for bottled water.

These suppliers deliver the water to you at between 2sh to 3sh if you are within Nairobi. They have invested in high quality and high capacity water purification equipment and they specialize in supplying to water vendors. Since their water is KEBS approved you don’t have to worry about the licencing because you can use their licences. You just get into a mutual agreement with them.

Please note that we only do this for clients who buy water vending ATM machines for us. This is a privilege for our customers only because we want them to start the business with ease.

As you have seen above, you can easily make Ksh 200,000 per month using a water vending ATM business in Kenya with our assistance.

Is water vending ATM machine business something you are interested in? Get in touch with us today so we can guide you in this business.

water vending ATM business Coin Operated Water Vending Machine

We also make other dairy equipment like Milk Pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.


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