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Cost of Milk Pasteurizers in Kenya

Are you in the market for a quality milk pasteurizer? We believe most probably the answer is yes and that’s why you are here. For many like you knowing the cost of milk pasteurizers is very important and one of the main considerations. Before we even get to the cost of milk pasteurizers in Kenya, we want to share with you some important information you need to understand so you can make an informed decision.

What determines cost of milk pasteurizers in Kenya

There are several things that determine the cost of a milk pasteurizer as seen below:

Capacity of the pasteurizer- this is the main determinant of the cost of a pasteurizer. The bigger the capacity the more expensive it is. This is because it requires more materials like steel, welding gas and also takes more manpower and time to build one.

Grade of steel used- different products require different grades of steel. Strong chemicals that have corrosive properties require the highest grade of steel. For example chemicals that make bleach require highest grade of steel. Apart from such chemicals, alcohol ingredients also require highest grade of stainless steel.  It is therefore very important for us to know what you will use it for and how strong the chemicals are.

Mode of heating- there are 3 modes of heating applicable in a pasteurizer; electric, gas or steam. Electric and gas prices are the same. However when it comes to steam the price is higher because the steam pasteurizer requirements are higher. The thickness of the steel has to be higher.

NB: there’s a difference between grade and thickness in stainless steel. The thicker the steel does not mean it’s the highest grade. Grade is determined by the ability of steel to resist corrosiveness.

If electric which phase of electricity supply- there are two electricity supply lines KPLC offers; single phase and three phase. For this reason the motor that will be used on your pasteurizer must also be compatible. Motors for 3 phase a slightly more expensive than single phase which also reflects on the price of the pasteurizer.  However it’s important to note that for bulk production using higher capacity pasteurizers of 400 litres and above, cost of electric units per litre is lower.

Types of milk pasteurizers you can buy in Kenya

There are 3 types of pasteurizers you can buy in Kenya:

Electric pasteurizers- these use electricity to heat either single or 3 phase.

Gas pasteurizers- these use gas to heat. However they still need electricity to run the motor that rotates the agitator/stirrer for stirring contents while being heated.

Steam pasteurizers- these use steam to heat contents which means you need to have a steam generator/source. The steam also has to have enough pressure to be able to move through the piping to the steam chamber in the pasteurizer.

The reason why steam pasteurizers are more expensive is because they require thicker steel to ensure they are safe. Since steam is very strong due to the pressure, they have to be made of thicker steel of 2.5mm to 3mm. This is one area you have to be careful on lest you get duped and sold a substandard steam pasteurizer that poses a risk to those that operate it or nearby surroundings.

Cost of milk pasteurizers in Kenya

The cost of milk pasteurizers in Kenya is determined by the above mentioned factors. We therefore need to know this information before we give you a quote. However here are some approximate prices of milk pasteurizers in Kenya. The pasteurizer features are grade 304 stainless steel single phase.

100 liters = Ksh 160,000

150 liters = Ksh 180,000

200 liters = Ksh 200,000

500 liters = Ksh 350,000

The prices above are on average what you will pay for. At Saset we can give you a discount on the above prices if you order today and tell us you found this information on our website. There will be a special discount for you for checking out this page.

Why buy milk pasteurizers from Saset

There are several reasons why Saset is the right seller you can buy the best milk pasteurizers in Kenya:

Quality products- for such an important equipment, we believe quality should not be compromised. At Saset you can rest assured you will be buying a high quality milk pasteurizer that will serve you without hitches for a long time.

Affordability- because we understand how important it is to reduce cost of production, we offer the most affordable prices for our products without compromising the quality.

After sale service- we don’t just sell you the product and do away with you, we offer after sale services for all our clients at discounted rates.

Timely delivery- we are very careful to finish the job within the set timelines. If all that is needed is available then you can count on us to finish your product within the agreed time frame.

If you are in the market for a milk pasteurizer get in touch with us today. As promised above request for a discount and we will give you one.

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    1. hello yes we do. when delivering the machine it comes with a manual but we also take our customers through all the steps to operate the machine with ease.

    1. hello Loshi. the unit is not inclusive of the packaging machine for the pouch. contact us on 0726747403 for additional information on this


    Excellent information. Interested in processing milk on small scale. Thinking of fresh milk , mala yoghurt. Keeping some cows.

  2. Paul Muindi

    I would like to start milk processing to produce Yorgat ama mala ,how should I start

  3. When staring a milk ATM machine business and want to pasteurize your milk by yourself, will you need both the pasteurizing machine and cooling tank or a pasteurizing machine and the ATM are enough?

    1. Hi Jo,
      The cooling tank is necessary when you know you will be keeping milk stock you definitely need a cooling tank. However if what you are pasteurizing isn’t much you can opt for a big capacity milk ATM and store the milk in the ATM which comes with a cooler of it’s own. However the ATM is a bit limited in how much it can hold.

  4. Hi great insight, how many unit of electricity does it take to pasteurize 100 liters of milk.

    1. How are you Martin ?
      A 100LTRS of pasteurizer goes for 160,000
      This includes free delivery and installation .
      Kindly reach us on 0726747403 to get more details on it.
      Thank you.

      1. Splendid. Very important information for me intending to start milk vending and do pasteurization by myself.

    1. Yes they are different. A pasteurizer heats(pasteurizes) but a cooling tank does the opposite.

    1. Greetings from Saset Muhtar?
      The cost of Milk Pasteurizers varies depending on the capacity.
      I have attached a catalogue to your email so you can see the different capacities and prices we have.
      contact us on 0726747403/0101747447.

  5. How much is both 100 litres pasteurizer and 100litres cooling tank. What is the approximate electricity bill per month for the operation of the above devices

    1. How are you john,
      100litres pasteurizer goes for 160,000kshs.
      A cooler for 100litres goes for 250,000khs.
      Please reach us on 0726747403/0101747447 for more detailed information.

  6. immaculate ouko

    Also interested in buying a pasteurizer machine and have a question.Which means the pasteurized milk will be in short like the UHT milk we know right?they stay for long? Second question must I have a cooler machine or I can leave the milk in the pasteurizer machine and pack it later after it has cooled down?where are you located? And do you deliver to kisumu too?

    1. Greetings immaculate,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      Yes, after pasteurization the milk stays for long, second you will need a cooling machine since you intend to pack and also you will need a machine to pack. We do country wide delivery
      we are located along think road Ruiru- kimbo toll station next to Rubies petrol Station. for more information call +254726747403. Thanks.

  7. Godfrey Kirui

    Im planning to start the milk business. But the cost of the machines to be used are expensive. Is there discount.

    1. Hello Godfrey,
      Welcome to SASET,
      Call us on 0726747403 or 0783747403 and our team of experts will guide you through all the enquiries.

      We are open from 8am to 5pm on Monday to Saturday

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