The Best Dairy Equipment to use for a Small Dairy Farm

The Best Dairy Equipment to use for a Small Dairy Farm

The Best Dairy Equipment to use for a Small Dairy Farm

The best dairy equipment to use for a small dairy farm is a concern for most dairy farmers and is also a very essential question that every small or large dairy farmer has to research on.

Dairy farming is one of the largest economic drivers in Kenya and getting the best dairy equipment is a huge determinant on how successful the dairy farming business will be.

Milk is a very sensitive commodity and it requires being handled with the utmost care, this can only be done through use of high quality dairy equipment.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Dairy Equipment to use for a Small Dairy Farm

In the next few paragraphs we will discuss some of factors to consider when choosing the best dairy equipment to use for a small dairy farm.

For most dairy farmers pasteurizing milk is considered a lucrative business and is mainly done by the farmer. Pasteurizing is a very sensitive process and requires a dairy farmer to invest on the best dairy equipment in order to succeed.

Why you should pick high quality dairy equipment for Pasteurizing milk

A common pasteurizer works by pouring milk in one end and it flows between a set of heating pipes or plates for a period (long enough to kill bacteria) then flows between a set of cooling pipes then emerges. Improper handling of raw milk leads to contamination therefore high quality pasteurizing equipment enables a dairy farmer get maximum returns from their investment.

Dairy equipment needed include:

Batch Pasteurizers - Where to Buy Pasteurizers in KenyaPasteurizer

A pasteurizer is a machine that is used to boil the milk so as to kill any micro-organisms that make milk to spoil quickly. However this isn’t the only reason but pasteurization is also important to kill germs and other organisms that might be harmful to the consumer.

There are three types of pasteurizers you can go for:

Steam heating pasteurizer- This uses steam to boil the milk and it’s the quickest means if you can manage strong steam. This is determined by the steam generator and means you will need a means of producing steam. You can use a commercial electric steam generator or use a traditional steam that uses wood or charcoal.

Gas heating pasteurizer- this uses gas to heat contents. You might be asking then why not just use a huge sufuria or just heat using a normal tank? It should be noted that direct heating of milk can lead the milk getting spoil or even stick to the sufuria which produces smell and bad taste. However pasteurizer doesn’t do direct heating which helps to retain original milk taste.

Electric heating pasteurizer- this is just like the gas pasteurizer only that instead of gas it uses electricity from the mains. It can be single phase or 3 phase source. You only need to let the manufacturer know so they can use the right motor.

where to buy the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya
The best milk cooling tanks in Kenya

Milk chillers

The milk chillers play a large part in pasteurization because they remove the heat from the heating process and also cool the milk down to appropriate temperatures.

This in turn prevents the milk molecules from deterioration and extend store life, which in turn allows time for transportation.

Therefore a high quality milk chiller is an important element in dairy farming.

Stainless steel dairy equipment

it is important to use stainless steel to ensure that rusting does not occur , when choosing high quality dairy equipment always buy stainless steel . This due to strength, resistance to corrosion and low maintenance therefore making it the ideal material for a pasteurization. It also reduces contamination caused by rust and also ensures you provide high quality milk.

The dairy board of Kenya pays keen attention and ensures that the standards of milk are maintained. Therefore investing in the best dairy equipment will ensure that you don’t collide with the law.

High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks in Kenya Milk cooling tank

This a large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature until it can be picked up by a milk hauler. The bulk milk cooling tank is an important piece of dairy farm equipment. It is usually made of stainless steel and used every day to store the raw milk on the farm in good condition. It must be cleaned after each milk collection. The milk cooling tank can be the property of the farmer or be rented from a dairy plant.

This are some of the ways to pick dairy equipment required for milk pasteurization and I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of choosing the best quality dairy farm equipment .

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