How Cooking Oil ATMs Works

How Cooking Oil ATMs Works

How Cooking Oil ATMs Works

Ever wondered how cooking oil ATMs works? This article will expound on how cooking oil ATMs works because we are curious beings by nature, as we know knowledge is power. But worry no more in this article we will be able to understand how a cooking oil dispenser works and how viable it is a business.

Since I am not trying to bore you with all the mechanical stuff, we will just get to learn the basics how a cooking oil ATMs works such as the capacity, how the cooking oil stays in liquid form, and how the cooking oil dispenser is operated.

Let’s shed some insight how cooking oil ATMs works

The cooking oil ATM machine is mostly coin operated and with the click of a button you are able to input the amount that you require and like a fountain the salad oil is dispensed right into your container. Simple! No mess created.

The cooking oil dispenser has various capacities which range from 100 litres to 500 litres it advisable to get an oil dispensing machine   that can dispense a minimum of 200 litres because in a day you are likely to sell over 160 litres if you are in a great location.

A lot of people tend to prefer the salad oil compared to packaged vegetable oil since salad oil is the same quality as packed vegetable oil but yet 20% cheaper .This makes a salad oil ATM a viable business for any business person.

The cooking oil machine should have warmers that ensure the salad oil stays in liquid form, to ensure the oil is easily dispensable, when the oil solidifies the machine will have a hard time dispensing the oil and this may inconvenience the client.

Why Cooking oil dispenser ATMs are good business for you

People in urban areas look for convenience, affordability, quality and also automation. Therefore opening a salad oil dispenser will attract a lot of people in urban areas since they are willing to try new methods of shopping as long as it is convenient.

Where to buy a salad oil dispenser in Nairobi

You can buy the cooking oil ATMs from Saset Technical Services who provide oil dispensing machines from well renown manufactures as well as locally assembled machines with serviceable parts.

You can reach out to Saset Technical Services and we can give you the best advice on the type of salad oil ATM machine that is best suited for you as we put into consideration all the factors involving your business.

We also have a team of highly professional technicians who are well versed in installation of the machines they also take care of the maintenance and aesthetic needs you may have to ensure you get the best. You can either book an appointment or visit us at our location so we can evaluate and do a need assessment for you.

You can reach us through our phone line at 0726747403

what can make a salad oil ATM business fail

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