High Quality Salad Oil Dispenser ATMs in Nairobi

High Quality Salad Oil Dispenser ATMs in Nairobi

High Quality Salad Oil Dispenser ATMs in Nairobi

Wondering where to get good quality salad dispenser oil ATMs in Nairobi? Do you have some entrepreneurial instincts and seen a business opportunity for setting up cooking oil vending side hustle? Since salad oil is considered healthier compared to cooking fat many people prefer it. Because of the increase in awareness of healthy living and the fact that it’s also more convenient to use setting up a salad oil dispenser is a no-brainer. It’s a good business to consider setting up in urban places like Nairobi.

Where to buy salad oil dispenser ATMs in Nairobi 

Salad Oil ATM BusinessYou can buy the locally assembled with serviceable parts salad oil ATMS from Saset Technical Services. We can confidently say we are leaders in manufacturing high quality salad oil dispenser ATMs in Nairobi. Our return and referral customers speak for themselves and this should give you confidence in our products.

We also offer timely and affordable after sale services on all our products. Additionally our products come with warranty and quality guarantee. This is because we follow the industry best practices and standards when making our products.

You can reach out to Saset Technical Services and we can give you the best advice on the type of oil ATM machine that is best suited for you as we put into consideration all the factors involving your business.

We also have a team of highly professional technicians who are well versed in installation of the cooking oil vending machines they also take care of the maintenance and aesthetic needs you may have to ensure you get the best.

Consider the following factors as you search for where you can buy salad ATMs in Kenya

If you are already thinking about starting a cooking oil ATM business or searching where to buy high quality salad oil dispenser ATMs in Nairobi, here are a few pointers on what you need to look out for:


There are a few factors to consider when scouting for a perfect location for your cooking oil vending machine business. Keep in mind that this will be one of the determinants of your business staying afloat. Therefore before settling for a location make sure the foot traffic is high, the area should be well lit and ventilated, and the location should also have stable electric power and water supply.

Salad Oil ATM - Cooking Oil ATMRemember the higher the foot traffic the higher the number of walk in clients.


The cooking oil should be of high quality, therefore before starting the salad oil dispensing business you need to have done research on dependable vendors. Also make sure the salad oil is up to market standards and is healthy for human consumption.

Note that having a dependable supply for your customers will build trust and dependability from your clients. Also ensure strict maintenance of your cooking oil ATM to guarantee the cooking oil maintains its quality.


Location check, vendors check it’s now time to purchase a salad oil vending machine and here is how to go about it. First you will need to get an equipment that is of high quality and make sure the cooking oil ATM can easily be maintained. You could chose to import the equipment or purchase it locally. If you choose to import you can do so by importing parts and assembling the parts locally it will save you a lot of money.

If you choose to buy the equipment locally you could purchase from trusted vendors such as SASET who pride ourselves in providing the best High Quality Salad Oil Dispenser ATMs in Nairobi.

Buying locally is very cost friendly and saves you a lot of money, you are also able to request for maintenance from your manufacturer.

You can purchase from Saset Technical Services reach us at 0726747403

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