Setting up a Water Refilling Station in Kenya

Setting up a Water Refilling Station in Kenya- Call 0726 74 74 03

Setting up a Water Refilling Station in Kenya

Have you been wondering what it would entail Setting up a water refilling station in Kenya? The first question to you need to answer is ‘why?’ There is a need for fresh water and a water refilling station fixes that gap. In some urban areas in Kenya, there isn’t much reliable supply of clean unsalinized water. In some cases the local municipal water may contain harmful additives but water refilling stations give you access to chilled and filtered water.

Once the construction of the water refilling station is finished and the water source is ready, you can now schedule the installation of the machines and equipment’s (it’s better to do it at night to avoid people around). Complete installation takes 1 to 2 days only.

Once all the planning is done you can now start buying other supplies you will need like water containers, seals, heat gun, sanitizer soap, etc. At the same time, you can also start constructing your business’s signage and sticker labels for your products.

Where to Buy Water ATM in Kenya

Remember to test the water refilling machine and equipment for 1 to 3 days before selling the product, or get a sample for a water analysis. Go to the nearest water purification office and ask the procedures on how to test the water.

(Tip: it’s better to get a water sample after a month of operation to make sure the result of water analysis is good.)

Wait for the result of water testing. If it passed, then good luck and welcome to the club of the water refilling station business. If it failed the test, call immediately the one who installed your machine and let them check and analyze why.

Locations suitable for setting up a water refilling station in Kenya

The water dispensing machines can be ideal as a refilling station in:

  • Urban estates
  • Shopping centers
  • Along rural roads

They can also be used in schools, homes, companies, hospitals, hotels etc. You could also partner with your local supermarket and this could save cost such as rent and power consumption.

Remember people are looking for clean and sanitized water therefore make sure the environment around the water refilling station is clean and the aesthetics should be pleasing on the eye. This alone will be able to attract customers to your water ATM station.

Water Vending Machine Business

Water ATM price in Kenya

The price of a water ATM ranges from the supplier you are getting it from but the average rates could go from Ksh150,000. However, the prices depend on the capacity and the features of the water refilling machine. Make sure you go for the best quality when purchasing the water refilling equipment to ensure you get value for your money.

Where can you get quality water refilling station custom made for you

You can reach out to Saset Technical Services and we can give you the best advice on the type of water refilling machine that is best suited for you as we put into consideration all the factors involving your business.

We also have a team of highly professional technicians who are well versed in installation of the water refilling machines they also take care of the plumbing and aesthetic needs you may have to ensure you get the best.

You can either book an appointment or visit us at our location so we can evaluate and do a need assessment for you.

You can reach us through our phone line at 0726747403

Coin Operated Water Vending Machine

We also make other dairy equipment like Milk Pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.


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    1. hello Maggie we have different capacities for the R.O water purifying machine. the price range is between 270000 to 600000. call us on 0726747403 for more information on this.

    1. hello Olivia, welcome to Saset technical services. we would like to be of service. kindly contact us on 0726747403 so we can have a conversation regarding your interest.

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          1. Hi admin, I’m interested in starting a water refill biz. I’m not really conversant with the business and would like your advice. Willing to start small. Is 50k viable?

        1. Hi admn,am interested in starting a small water refilling business having 50000/=
          Kindly advice.

  1. Robert Okoba

    AM so very willing to start water refiling business having been advised by a friend. AM well able to raise roughly KES 250, 000. My target market are the upper class and the middle class. Currently am in Ruaka and that turns to be my ideal area of operation if at all I will be advised. However my biggest concern is that am so green in the said business. How can you feed my fear to confidential level that the venture wont be a disappointment to me?

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Before starting any business it’s very important to do a market survey/research to determine if there are potential clients in the target location. Also determine if the place is flooded with other similar businesses. If you find that there are potential clients and the location isn’t flooded with similar businesses then you can go ahead. It’s good to consider that with water vending, you don’t really need to be in the town center. Actually a residential area near clients is very ideal.
      You should also consider adding some extra customer service for free. E.g. Free door to door delivery which actually a common practice with such businesses. This means clients will not avoid coming to buy from you because of the distance and carrying the water up the stairs.

  2. I want to buy a small water refilling machine. Where can l buy and at what price? Send your contact please.

  3. Lilian Njeri

    Am interested in starting this water vending business,what are other requirements needed apart from the atm and do you assist in getting suppliers for the water?

  4. hallo kindly send me your machine catalogue am interested in starting the water refilling business

    do you have a hire purchase kind of plan incase one is not able to raise capital to start
    thank you

  5. Am interested in joining this business my concern is l don’t have enough capital to start, do you allow higher purchase kinda of payment, l don’t want to wait forever to start, because l already have a shop with good traffic

  6. Hi am Intrested in water refill business.
    My biggest concern is the fresh water supply.
    Am based in Mombasa.

    1. Hi Stella,
      how are you doing?
      welcome to Saset Technical Services.
      we can help you with that.
      we have water purification machines at an affordable and pocket friendly prices.
      we offer free delivery and installation.
      I have attached a catalogue to your email.
      Reach us through +254726747403

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    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me a copy of your catalogue and any other material you deem relevant for a small mineral water production (startup)

    1. Hello Mary, kindly reach us through 0726747403 for more guidance and detailed information.


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    Hi, would like to start a bottled water business, can you help with the same? If so, what is the procedure and requirements of beginning such business and what could be the capital required for the same.

    1. hi James, kindly check your email. you can reach us through +254726747403 for more information. Thanks.


    HI, Could You send me a catalogue of the various prices and variety of the machines you have?


  10. Sunday Kahindi Nzai

    Kindly i need a water purification and refilling machine, is it the same?or they are two different machines…what are the costs?i need to start this business urgently

  11. Hi,am interested in your services,plz send me various prices of differnt machines at an affordable price

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    I would love to start a small water refilling….would love to know what it entails

    1. Welcome to Saset Technical services Veronicah,
      Please check you email, I have attached a catalogue with the machines ,details and prices.
      also reach us through 0726747403 for more information on the same .
      Thank you.

  13. Emmanuel Musila

    Hello kindly sent me a catalogue via WhatsApp 0726909187
    For. A small scale water packaging plant with a budget of 200-300k

    1. hi Emmanuel,
      I have sent you the catalogue via WhatsApp,
      kindly go through it and give us your feedback. Thanks.

  14. Everything is very open with a really clear clarification of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your site is very useful. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Hello, Amazing page with lots of good information. Can i kindly get a price list? Interested in starting a small water refill business in my community. Also feel free to let me know what are the requirements to start this kind of business. Am thinking about starting small.

    1. Greetings from Saset Jack,
      kindly check your mail i have attached our catalogue
      Reach us on 0101747447/0726747403 so we can guide you on how to go about it.

  16. Hello.
    Good information there. Am so Interested in starting a small water refill business. Please send me your catalogue for a water ATM without a purifier, a 5000ltr tank and bottle washer. Advice on the requirements to start this business as well for a beginner.

    1. How are you Benjamin?
      Please check your email.
      also reach us through 0101747447/0726747403

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    I am interested in setting up a water filling station.
    Can you kindly send me the the catalogue of the various requirements and the prices.

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    Interested in setting a water filling station.
    Kindly send me your catalogue and all the needed requirememnts.Thank you

  19. Hi, am interested in setting up a water refilling station,can you please send me a catalogue and all the necessary information and requirnment, including all the required licences

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    Could you kindly send me the catalogue for the water ATM and the bottle washer? Thanks

  21. Hello, I am interested in setting up a small water vending station. Kindly share with me the relevant information for a starter.



  23. Hi.would like to start water refill station back in my home town and i might not have enough capital.kindly advice

    1. Hello Sally,
      Welcome to Saset,
      Please call us on 0726747403 or 0783747403 to get more guidance.
      We are open Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm

    1. Hell Jim, welcome to SASET, Please check your email.
      kindly give us a call on
      0726747403 or 0101747447
      Our team of experts will guide your through.
      We are open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm

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