Milk ATM buying guide

Milk ATM Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Milk ATM for Your Business

Milk ATM Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Milk ATM for Your Business

Milk ATM business is one of those businesses you can rest assured you will always have customers. Milk is a commodity that is consumed in almost every household and demand for milk keeps increasing. This therefore gives you a great opportunity to venture into a sure business. However like any other business careful planning needs to be done so as to get it right. Apart from milk itself the other main requirement and which takes a huge percentage of the initial capital is a milk ATM. But how do you know which milk ATM is best suited for you? In this milk ATM buying guide, we will help you know how to choose the best milk ATM for your business.

Milk ATM buying guide – features of a good milk ATM

Quality milk dispensing machines are power-efficient, noiseless, made of quality materials e.g. pump, stainless steel, cooling unit etc. These help preserve fresh milk flavour properties and have low operational costs. It must also have good capacity to store milk that is sufficient to serve the demand. The milk ATM should be easy to operate durable and are made of materials that correspond to universally accepted standards for the food industry.

You can also check the FAO documentation on the production, processing, labelling and marketing of organically produced foods. (FAO is The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security.)

Milk Dispensing ATM Machine Power efficient

The milk ATM must be very power efficient. This will help you save on operational costs and not eat much into your profit margins. At Saset, we make sure we use the most power efficient components and chiller units.


A good milk ATM should be able to hold the right capacity as ordered. We make ATMs with a slightly more capacity to ensure the milk does not spill over and at times also you might be having slightly more milk than the actual capacity. We normally give an allowance of 5 litres on average on our ATMs.


A good milk ATM should not be making noise whether it’s pumping or not being operated. The only noise is a low tone voice of the pump when pumping milk. This is because it contains movable parts and it’s also a mechanical device. If it doesn’t produce this low tone it means it’s not pumping and could be faulty. However may be in future with advancement in technology they could be sound proof/completely silent.

Kenya Dairy Board approved Milk pump

One of the components that you must be really careful about is the pump. It’s important to note that not all pumps in the market have been approved by the Kenya Dairy Board(KDB). If not careful you might fall on the wrong side of the law because their officer make random checks on milk ATMs. Also note they at times disapprove previously approved pumps therefore you must keep checking with the supplier if there are any changes. When you buy a milk ATM from us you can rest assured the pump and all the components are approved by KDB.

High quality body

The body of the milk ATM must be made of good material. In most cases it’s made of stainless steel or aluminium or same material used on beverage chillers and fridges.

Chilling/cooling unit

This is the equipment that ensures the milk stays at low temperatures. It’s the chilling unit that cools/lowers the temperature of the milk to ensure it doesn’t get spoilt. The unit must be of high quality that doesn’t break down easily and is power efficient.

Milk ATM Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Milk ATM for Your Business

milk vending ATM machines in Kenya Quality assurance

When buying a milk ATM make sure the supplier gives you a quality assurance. Saset offers you quality assurance on all products we make.

After sale service

Is your vendor willing to give you after sale service or just want to sell you the unit and don’t care if it breaks down how it will be repaired. We give prompt and discounted after sale service to all our customers.


A warranty gives you peace of mind that the machine will run without any problem during time of warranty. Saset offers genuine warranty to all our customers.


Are you in the market for a milk ATM? The above milk ATM buying guide should help you make an informed decision. However since we make the best milk ATMs in the market, you can get in touch with us today.

SASET Milk ATMs, Milk Dispensing ATM Machine Kenya Dairy Board approved milk ATMs

We also make other dairy equipment like Milk Pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.


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  1. 1. How much is the 100 L milk ATM?
    2. Do you deliver it in all parts of Kenya? Like I want it delivered in either Nakuru or Matunda of Moisbridge
    3. Are you the ones who supply the milk?
    4. In case of failure, do you come to check?

    1. hello Jennifer 100l ,ilk vending ,machine goes for 100000. we deliver countrywide, we can connect you to reliable milk suppliers in kenya, all our machines have a thirteen months warranty. incase of any issue during the thirteen months one of our technicians will immediately control the situation. kindly contact us on 0726747403 for additional information

    1. Hello Gilbert
      The smallest capacity we have for Milk Atm is 50 litres going for 85000
      Please call us on 0726747403/0101747447

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