How to Start a Water Vending ATM Business in Kenya

How to Start a Water Vending ATM Business in Kenya

How to Start a Water Vending ATM Business in Kenya

Water is a basic human need and a water ATM can be a viable business especially if it is used as a refill center. If we take Nairobi as an example most estates have a scarce supply of clean water to drink and a water vending machine can be a solution to fix this gap. The information below will help you have an idea on how to start a water vending ATM business in Kenya.

Types of water vending ATM business in Kenya

There are two types of water vending machines. The first type will sell bottled water. The second type is a bulk water ATM where you need to supply your own container. The water vending machine then dispenses an amount of water based upon the amount of money inserted.

The water dispensing machine has gained mass popularity in Kenya majorly due to the low cost of investment and therefore making it a profitable business venture.

How to start a water vending ATM business in Kenya; things to put in consideration.

water vending business planLocation to set up a water vending machine

Consider a highly populated location and research on the community water suppliers. It is advisable to start a water dispensing business in locations such as gyms, airports and places that have a high foot traffic. Location is very essential in any business and requires a large amount of market research.

What to consider when purchasing a water ATM

The water vending machine should have a reverse osmosis system for purifying the water, it should also have an e-card reader or a coins inserting slot to make payment easier, also check the capacity of the water vending machine to ensure you are able to keep up with the demand. The equipment should also be high quality and maintain the standards of the purified water.

When you purchase a high quality water ATM it will considerably bring down manpower, monitoring, transaction and accountability problem.

How to make profits through a water ATM

Profit, like any retail business your profitability is directly related to your sales. If you can put your water dispensing machines in a very busy location with high demand for your product you will make significant sales. If you can sell your product at a price where you can maintain a decent margin then you will make profits.

If your water vending ATM business is located in an abandoned warehouse or in a location with only a very small number of people your profit will be small to none. Conversely, if you have a vending machine in a high traffic location that does not have other sellers competing with you then you will make a generous profit from a water vending machine.

Where to get a water vending machine

There are various local manufacturers such as SASET technologies who can provide high quality water vending machines and also provide you with unlimited support in your journey.

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Where to Buy Water ATM in Kenya Coin Operated Water Vending Machine

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