Milk Cooling Tanks made in Kenya

Milk Cooling Tanks

Milk Cooling Tanks

Milk is a very perishable commodity that requires cold storage to ensure it goes for a longer time without spoiling. This can be an easy thing to achieve at home in your fridge or freezer. But when it comes to bulk volumes of milk the above two can’t be of much use. The best alternative is a milk cooling tank that can hold large volumes of milk. Saset makes high quality milk cooling tanks in different volumes that are suitable for dairies, milk transportation or milk cooling plants.

What is a milk cooling tank?

A milk cooling tank is an enclosed container for storing large volumes of milk at low temperatures that ensure milk does not get spoilt. It has an opening mostly at the top acting as inlet and outlet valves for releasing the milk. It has and insulation and cooling mechanism that ensure milk stays cold for a long time which helps to keep it fresh.

Features of our milk cooling tanks

Saset milk cooling tanks are made of high quality stainless steel that ensures they cannot rust. Milk has some chemical components that can react with metal and cause it to rust. However the stainless steel we use is food grade meaning it cannot be affected by milk.

Our milk cooling tanks are highly polished both inside and outside to ensure they don’t easily attract dirt. On the inside we also polish them well to remove any small pockets where milk particles might hide when cleaning and make milk future milk stored to get spoilt.

The milk cooling tanks come with a cooling mechanism that ensures milk stays cold at required temperatures. The cooling mechanism ensures that the desired low temperatures are achieved. The tank also has an insulation that prevents warm temperatures from outside do not affect the cold temperatures inside the tank.

Who can use our milk cooling tanks?

High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks for Sale in Kenya

Our milk cooling tanks can be used by:

Cooling plants- Many milk manufactures have collection points for milk they get from farmers. However they need to store it temporally before transporting to their processing facilities. They therefore need to keep the milk fresh in the meantime.

Milk transport lorries- since some manufacturers get their milk from customers in different parts of the country and need to transport it to a central processing facility, they require lorries to transport the milk. The lorries have to be fitted with suitable thanks that can preserve the milk at low temperatures that ensure bacteria that causes milk to spoil don’t thrive.

Dairies- dairies are milk collection facilities where farmers take their milk after milk so it can be tested, weighed, recorded and stored before dispatch to the cooling or processing plant. A milk cooling tank is therefore very essential especially in areas where it’s remote. In some of these areas it takes time for all farmers to drop their milk as well as be picked by the transport lorry.

Why buy milk cooling tanks from us?

Saset is a leading manufacturer of dairy equipment in Kenya. We have the technical knowledge and experience in making various dairy equipment for our customers. Our engineers understand how to make high quality milk cooling tanks regardless of the size. Our equipment is also approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Kenya, so you can rest assured that it meets all the standards required.

You can therefore rest assured that it will serve you as expected for a long time without problems.

If therefore you are searching for a milk cooling tank for your dairy, cooling plant, milk transport lorry etc, we are the right solution for you. Get in touch with us today for a quotation or just to get more information.


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  1. Faith Mbaya Kibue

    Interesting. What is the smallest size of these tanks? Would a farmer producing 50 litres a day benefit from this?

    1. hello Faith we appreciate your inquiry. a farmer producing 50 ltrs a day will very much benefit from this. contact us on 0726747403 we can give more details on this information.

  2. Kenn Kaleku

    Hello,, what’s the price of a 2000l milk chiller
    Can i have it on a loan to be paid monthly?

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