Businesses You Can Start In Kenya If You Lost Your Job Or Business Due To Covid19 Pandemic

Businesses You Can Start In Kenya If You Lost Your Job Or Business Due To Covid19 Pandemic

Businesses You Can Start In Kenya If You Lost Your Job Or Business Due To Covid19 Pandemic

One thing that the coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic has taught us is that even the seemingly secure jobs can fail. Many people working in some big organizations and holding glamorous positions have found themselves without work. The so called white collar jobs that traditionally many people have been seeking and competing for have really failed to offer the financial freedom hoped for. It shows that many people despite holding top positions don’t have the financial stability you would expect from such.

On the other hand jobs that many despise and consider for the ‘uneducated class’ have become so important that even top executives driving ‘machines’ have turned to them. Who would have expected high end vehicles to be converted to grocery kiosks in Nairobi estates and along highways like Kiambu road?

The biggest lesson we have all learnt is you should never look down on anyone’s job. You never know when circumstances will turn and you find yourself in the same position. One of my favourite memes that has been circulating on social media is ‘right now pilots are at home and boda boda riders are at work full time’. What an irony. This therefore teaches us that there’s need for a paradigm shift in our approach to jobs.

Even if you have a well-paying job always endeavour to have an alternative source of income. And to that end, there are several businesses you can start in Kenya if you lost your job or business due to covid19 pandemic that can help you have a consistent alternative source of income.

Here are some businesses you can start in Kenya if you lost your job or business due to Covid19 pandemic.

Water Vending ATM Machine in Kenya

Water vending station

Water is a basic necessity and not just any water but clean safe to drink water. However in many parts of Nairobi, there’s a challenge for this precious commodity. The water supplied by the municipal council though treated, it gets contaminated along the way due to an aged supply system. Many households in Nairobi are looking for alternatives and that’s where the business of water vending comes in.

What you need to start this business:

  1. Water vending ATM this helps you to dispense water at different amounts according to the amount the client wants.
  2. Water purification machines like reverse osmosis systems- a reverse osmosis system will help you purify the water to KEBS acceptable levels. However you can skip this if you choose to buy water from a vendor who specializes in purified water supply.

NB: We help our customers to affordably start a water vending business on a low budget without the need to have purification machines- (click to see how in this post).

  • Storage tanks- storage tanks enable you to always have ready water to sell and also the raw water to purify.
  1. Bottle rinsing jet- this is where you rinse the bottles before filling to ensure there’s no contamination.
  2. Filling bench- this is the bench for filling the water bottles and where you temporarily keep the filled up bottles before dispatch or storage and where you seal them from.

At Saset, we are experts in making all water vending equipment at very affordable prices. We build and commission a whole water station for our clients. If you want to get into this type of business get in touch with us for more information. We are here to walk with you as you begin this journey.

Salad oil ATM/cooking oil ATM business

Another business you can start if you have lost your job as a result of the covid19 pandemic is a salad oil ATM business. This business is very affordable and easy to start. With less than Kes 100,000 you are in business.

What you need to start a cooking oil ATM business

Salad oil ATM this obviously is the main equipment you need.

There are several advantages of using an ATM to sell salad oil as opposed to measuring using bottles and jugs.

  1. You can sell from as low as Ksh 10 or any amount.
  2. You can confidently employ someone to run the business and not steal from you- this is because the ATM has a digital control system that records sales and can’t be manipulated because it is password protected.
  • No spillage- the ATM has a very convenient tap that does not spill as opposed to a manual process.
  1. It has a bigger capacity than the 20 litre jerrycan- this means that when you buy in bulk, you can pour as many as the storage tank can hold. Therefore your employee will not be able to steal some and sell because you can lock the storage compartment.
  2. Hygiene- it’s more hygienic to use a cooking oil ATM than using jugs which can be exposed to dirt and other substances that can contaminate the oil.

Other things you need are the salad oil which you can buy from wholesalers and/or distributors. You also need a business premises.

Saset is the market leader in making top quality cooking oil ATMs. Get in touch with us if you need one.

Milk ATM business

Milk is a commodity that is consumed in almost every household. In Nairobi, most milk ATMs run out of milk without meeting the demand. This means that you can’t go wrong with this business.

What you need for this business

Milk Dispensing ATM MachineMilk vending ATM this is definitely the main piece of equipment you need. It will help you store and sell your milk to customers with any amount.

Advantages of a milk ATM:

Prevents milk from getting spoilt- a milk ATM comes with a cold system that keeps the milk very cold(4 0C). This ensures the milk stays long without spoiling.

You can sell from as low as Kes 10- selling at low prices or different amounts helps you capture all clients. This is why those with milk ATMs are able to sell more than those who sell packed milk which is more expensive.

It is recommended by Kenya Dairy Board- Kenya Dairy Board requires that if you sell unpacked milk that you have a milk ATM. At Saset, we make KDB approved milk ATMs and if you need one please get in touch.

You can employ someone to run the business without fear of getting cheated- a milk ATM comes with a digital control unit for setting the price and dispensing milk per the amount the client needs. It also keeps an accurate record of sales and can’t be manipulated because it is password protected. This helps you do an accurate sales reconciliation and see if your employee has cheated you.

If you need a good milk ATM that is approved by Kenya Dairy Board please get in touch with us.

Other than this you need are a reliable supplier of quality milk and a business premises.


Where to Buy Water ATM in KenyaThe above three are some of the businesses you can start in Kenya if you lost your job or business due to covid19 pandemic. We have recommended these businesses because we know they actually work and from the interactions with our clients, we are confident you can succeed if you manage them well and find the right location.

As with any business a location is very important- it has to be very strategic in terms of accessibility and human traffic. It also has to be where there’s less no or less competition. If you start your business in an already overcrowded location with similar businesses you will not succeed. Also you need to offer quality services and get your customer care skills in order.

Get the relevant business permits and ensure your business premises is always clean. No one will come to buy milk, water or even salad oil at a dirty place.

If you do your due diligence and careful planning, you are assured of success in any of the above businesses because there’s a ready market for the products involved.

Get in touch with us today if you need any of the machinery/equipment needed to operate these businesses.


We also make other dairy equipment like Milk Pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.

best milk ATM manufacturers in Kenya

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