where to buy the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya

Where to Buy the Best Milk Cooling Tanks in Kenya- Call 0726 74 74 03

Where to Buy the Best Milk Cooling Tanks in Kenya

Are you in the dairy business? If so, most likely you must have thought of acquiring a milk cooling tank. A milk cooling tank helps you store your milk for a longer time without getting spoilt. In this post we will help you know where to buy the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya and what to look out for when buying.

What to look out for when buying a milk cooling tank

High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks in KenyaType of material used- the type of material used to construct the milk cooling tank is very important because it’s critical to the hygiene and quality of milk. While aluminium might be good for milking cans and milk carrying cans from farm to the dairy, it’s not well suited for a milk cooling tank. The ideal material here is stainless steel.

Grade of stainless steel- Not just any stainless steel is suitable for constructing milk handling products but food grade stainless steel. Grade 304 stainless steel is the ideal one for constructing a milk cooling tank. Therefore make sure when searching where to buy the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya, you inquire about this. Some manufacturers might deceive you if you don’t know but since integrity and business ethics are part of our organization culture, we don’t engage in unethical practices by using a lower grade metal.

Phase of electricity- before you buy a milk cooling tank it’s good to know the phase of the electricity your premises is connected to. If your premises is connected to 3 phase electricity then the electric components of the cooler have to match. The same goes with single phase. Make sure you let us know or whoever is the manufacturer so they can use the right components.

Easy to clean- before you buy the milk cooling tank ensure that it’s easy to clean. Milk being a very perishable product requires very clean environment and therefore the equipment that is used to handle it must always be very clean.

Volume of the tank- this is obvious. One of the questions any manufacturer will ask you when you are seeking where to buy the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya is the volume you want. Always consider your needs but also look at the potential for growth. You are better off buying a bigger capacity that you might not fill up in the short term but as you grow and volume of milk increases you will be grateful you got a bigger one. You will not need to invest in a new one which means you save on this cost.

Where to buy the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya

Inasmuch as there are few vendors out there that make milk cooling tanks, we would like you to buy from us. Our expertise and experience makes us the most preferred manufacturer.

Why buy a milk cooling tank from us

We make the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya. We have an experienced technical team that constructs high quality milk cooling tanks that meet Kenya Dairy Board standards as well as KEBS standards. Our products come with one year warranty therefore you can rest assured you are getting a quality product.

Have you been searching where to buy the best milk cooling tanks in Kenya? You have come to the right place.

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    1. hello Justin, welcome to Saset technical services. the milk vending machines are available in different capacities. reach us on 0726747403 and give us your location and the capacity you would be interested in so we can get a quotation for you.

        1. hi Amon, thanks for the inquiry, for 200 liters goes for 280,000ksh. kindly contact 0726747403 for more information. Thanks.

      1. David korir Meta.

        Get me 100 litre capacity . How much and how can I get it from the seller?

          1. hi David, thanks for reaching out. milk cooling tank for 100 liters goes for 250,000ksh. for more information call =254726747403. Thanks

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      please check your email for the catalogue
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