Top Quality Pasteurizers in Kenya

Top Quality Pasteurizers in Kenya


Top Quality Pasteurizers in Kenya

Are you in the production of any product that requires a pasteurizer? Do you need a high quality pasteurizer for your production? We would like to share some insights to help you make an informed decision before acquiring one. If you are in the market for top quality pasteurizers in Kenya consider the following:

Factors to consider when acquiring a pasteurizer

  1. Use

What will you use the pasteurizer for? This is a very important consideration to make and one that you need to share with your manufacturer. The reason why we or any manufacturer needs to know this information is to enable them to know what materials to use.

For example a pasteurizer for heating milk will vary from one that heats alcoholic products and other strong chemicals. These need a higher grade than what a milk pasteurizer uses. Such substances need grade 316 stainless steel while milk needs grade 304 stainless steel. Therefore any manufacturer who claims to make top quality pasteurizers in Kenya and does not adhere to these requirements is not genuine.

However with Saset, you can rest assured that you will get a top quality pasteurizer that meets the required KEBS standards.

  1. Capacity

Another major consideration before acquiring a pasteurizer is capacity needed. What output capacity will you require for your product. A bigger capacity pasteurizer means you do less runs and as a result save on time and cost of production.

For example doing two runs of 200 liters and one run of 500 liters you find that the time difference is big. However time difference between one 200 liters and one 500 liters isn’t much. This means that cost per liter is greatly reduced when you do a 500 liter run rather than two or three 200 liter runs.

Another important thing to note on this is that for larger capacity pasteurizers, you are better off using 3 phase electric power. This greatly reduces amount of power unit per liter. We always advice our clients that if they can manage to draw 3 phase power to their premises if they require high capacity pasteurizers, they are best served if they do it. It takes less time to heat large volumes with a 3 phase pasteurizer than a single phase pasteurizer.

  1. Mode of heating

There are three modes of heating that pasteurizers run on. There’s electricity, gas or steam. An electric pasteurizer uses electric elements like your cooker to heat. However it’s not direct heating like how you heat your pan when cooking.

And while on this, it’s also important to consider what phase of electricity is available at your production premises. Some business premises have 3 phase power connection while others have single phase. It’s therefore very important you establish this so that you will not be disappointed when the pasteurizer isn’t compatible with the electricity you are connected to.

A gas pasteurizer uses gas to heat. This means you need a gas burner. Also it doesn’t use direct heating like In your kitchen.

The third method is steam heating. This is a more superior and faster compared to the other two but it also requires you invest in a reliable steam generator. Also this pasteurizer uses thicker steel than the former two to ensure it can’t burst and cause injury to anyone around. Any manufacturer claiming to make top quality pasteurizers in Kenya must adhere to these requirements. In case they don’t or can’t give you an assurance they are not genuine.

  1. Budget

Another very important thing to consider is your budget. Your budget will greatly determine the capacity of the pasteurizer you buy. The bigger the capacity the higher the purchase price because it uses more raw materials and takes longer to make. All these add up to the final cost of the product.

The above four are the main factors for consideration when you are acquiring a top quality pasteurizer from any manufacturer in Kenya.

Where to buy top quality pasteurizers in Kenya

Inasmuch as there are other manufacturers out there, Saset is the right choice. We have highly skilled technicians who have been in this field for a long time. Therefore you can rest assured that any product you get from us is of the highest quality. We are known for making top quality pasteurizers in Kenya at affordable prices.

Get in touch with us today if you are in the market for one.

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