Industrial Equipment Acquisition Outsourcing Contract

Industrial Equipment Acquisition Outsourcing Contract

Industrial Equipment Acquisition Outsourcing Contract

Are you a Startup and want to import industrial equipment for your business operations? At times the process of acquiring one through importation is too tedious and time consuming. For a Startup that is channelling all its efforts on day to day running of the business so as to grow, the process of sourcing for and importing the equipment can be too much of a hustle. That is why we would want to help. With our industrial equipment acquisition outsourcing contract, we help such entities with the entire process of acquiring the equipment they need.

How our industrial equipment acquisition outsourcing contract works

With our industrial equipment outsourcing contract, we sit down with you or your procurement manager to discuss what you need. We then take up the process of researching what options are available and which might best suit your needs. We then come up with a few options and revert back to you with our findings. After presenting our findings and the options available, we discuss with you which option best serves your needs and which best fits within your budget.

In instances where the equipment you need needs customization, we engage the manufacturer to ensure that it has all the features you need. To ensure that it performs as expected, we request the manufacturer to send photos and videos of the equipment at work to determine if the final output is what is required.

We then initiate the process of procuring the item and shipping it to your premises. Here we help negotiate the least price you can get from the seller. The next process is the shipment process. Here we handle all the processes required including clearing and forwarding in liaison with our reliable clearing and forwarding agents. Finally we deliver the equipment to your premises for you to start using it.

Why you need our industrial equipment acquisition outsourcing contract

Due to the complicated, tedious and long process involved, our industrial equipment outsourcing contract helps you acquire your business equipment with less hustle. We have the experience and expertise in acquiring industrial equipment from overseas manufacturers. This option saves you not only time but also the tedious work involved. It also helps you avoid acquiring the wrong equipment.

Get in touch with us today if you need assistance in acquiring any industrial equipment for your business.

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