Milk Holding Tanks for Sale in Kenya

Milk Holding Tanks for Sale in Kenya

Milk Holding Tanks for Sale in Kenya

If you are in the dairy business or milk value addition business, a milk holding tank is a very essential equipment to have. It helps you receive milk from different suppliers in one place before proceeding with the other processes of adding value. In this post we will share where to find milk tanks for sale in Kenya and some of the things you need to look out for before buying one.

Things to consider when buying a milk holding tank

Capacity/volume of the tank– when buying a milk holding tank, the first and major thing you need to consider is the volume of the tank. How much milk can it hold? A small tank will give you the challenge of not being able to hold enough milk which might force you to keep the milk in the transport jerrycans and this is a big inconvenience. Since milk is received from different breeds of cows the taste and quality might differ. A milk holding tank helps you receive milk in the same place where it mixes and helps to give one consistent taste and quality.

Ease of cleaning- a milk holding tank must be easy to clean both on the inside and outside. This ensures milk is handled in a very hygienic environment and as a result it can’t easily get spoilt.

Material made with- not all material is suitable for milk holding tank. Make sure anywhere you come across milk holding tanks for sale in Kenya, they are made of food grade stainless steel. Anything else is not recommended.

Does it have a lid- a milk holding tank must have a well-fitting lid with a support mechanism to hold it partially open when you need to pour in milk and close it when done/not in use. A lid is important in preventing foreign substances from falling in the milk which can contaminate the whole batch. This helps you avoid losses when you have to throw away the milk. It also helps prevent contaminated milk reaching the market.

Where to find milk holding tanks for sale in Kenya

Saset is a leading manufacturer of dairy equipment in Kenya. We make high quality dairy equipment like milk pasteurizers, milk cooling/chilling tanks, milk ATM machines and milk holding tanks. Therefore if you have looking where you can find high quality milk holding tanks for sale in Kenya you have come to the right place.

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