Milk Pasteurizers for Sale in Kenya

Milk Pasteurizers for Sale in Kenya

Milk Pasteurizers for Sale in Kenya

The Kenya dairy Board requires that all milk that is sold to consumers should be pasteurized. Therefore if you are in this business, you need a milk pasteurizer so as to comply with this regulation. Therefore if you are searching for high quality milk pasteurizers for sale in Kenya, you have come to the right place. Below are some guidelines to help you make the right purchase decision.

Factors to consider when buying a milk pasteurizer

Capacity- one of the main considerations you need to make while in your search for milk pasteurizer for sale in Kenya is the capacity of the machine. You first need to know what capacity you need. This can be determined by the volume of milk you receive or even expect to receive especially if you are growing and expecting to expand. You should always go for a bigger pasteurizer because it helps you have an allowance for more milk.

Heating more milk at one go is always cheaper and less time consuming than heating small quantities repetitively. If you are using electricity, the unit cost per liter is cheaper when you boil say 500 liters at once rather than two batches of 250 liters. It therefore make economical sense to heat the bulk amount at once.

Mode of heating- there are three types of heating modes you can go for depending with which is convenient for you. It’s important to note the reason why a pasteurizer is used instead of just boiling milk using a tank or sufuria is because pasteurizers don’t do direct heating of the milk. This preserves the taste and quality of the milk and it’s one of the reasons why pasteurizers are recommended.

  • Gas- a gas pasteurizer uses gas to generate heat which heats the water in the inner chamber. Which in turn heats the milk. Also the hot water produces steam which also helps to heat the milk.
  • Electric- an electric pasteurizer uses electricity and the heating mechanism is just similar to gas only that this time it has electric heating elements just like your electric oven. However with electricity, you also need to establish the electric phase so that the right elements can be used. In Kenya you can choose between single phase and 3 phase.
  • Steam- the third mode of heating is via steam. In this case you need a steam generator that generates and pumps steam to the inner chamber of the pasteurizer to heat the milk.

Your budget- another very important consideration for anyone looking for milk pasteurizers for sale in Kenya is the budget at hand. Your budget will determine what capacity of the pasteurizer you can buy.

Where to get milk pasteurizers for sale in Kenya

There are several manufacturers of milk pasteurizers in Kenya. However some of them are still new in the market and might not offer you high quality machines. That is why we would recommend you to buy a pasteurizer from Saset Ltd because we are experts in manufacturing high quality milk pasteurizers since 2015.

If you are searching for milk pasteurizers for sale in Kenya Saset Ltd is your best choice. We offer very affordable prices for pasteurizers. Get in touch with us today for a quotation or to inquire more.

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