Milk Pasteurizer Prices in Kenya

Milk Pasteurizer Prices in Kenya

Milk Pasteurizer Prices in Kenya

If you are in the dairy business or milk value addition, a milk pasteurizer is very important equipment to have. In fact it is a necessity for this type of business. First it is a requirement by Kenya Dairy board and it also helps you minimize the losses you might incur when milk gets spoilt. For this reason, those who seriously want to excel in this business they need to acquire a milk pasteurizer. In this post we will be sharing milk pasteurizer prices in Kenya. But first let’s see what to consider before buying a milk pasteurizer.

What to consider before buying a milk pasteurizer

Your milk supply volume- before buying a milk pasteurizer, it’s very important you consider the volume of milk you receive from suppliers. If you receive a lot of milk you will need to go for a bigger volume of milk pasteurizer. This ensures you are able to heat large quantities of milk at a go instead of small repetitive cycles that are more expensive.

It’s therefore important you invest more initially in buying a large volume milk pasteurizer that boils more milk at a go than a small one that will force you to boil in repeated cycles.

The method of heating- there are 3 methods of heating you can use; gas, electricity or steam. Before buying a milk pasteurizer, first establish which option is convenient and economical for you. For smaller capacities of less than 300 liters single phase electricity is more preferable. However if you can access cheap gas it’s also a good alternative.

But for volumes starting from 350 liters we advice one to go for 3 phase electricity or steam if you have a reliable steam generator. Steam is always the fastest option especially if you can invest in a good steam generator.

The type of electricity you are connected to- as indicated above, there are 2 types of electricity connections you can have. The type of electricity to use also determines milk pasteurizer prices in Kenya because of the elements to be used. Normally 3 phase electric heating elements costs more.

Your budget- what is your budget? You budget determines the volume of the milk pasteurizer you can go for. Needless to say however; a small budget gets you a small capacity pasteurizer.

What determines milk pasteurizer prices in Kenya

Some of the factors that determine milk pasteurizer prices in Kenya we have discussed above. However when it comes to type of heating, steam pasteurizers are more expensive than their gas and electricity counterparts. Gas and electric(single phase) pasteurizers cost almost the same.

The other factors that might determine cost of a pasteurizer not mentioned above are certain specifications that a client might need like having a geared motor for the stirrer/agitator.

Milk pasteurizer prices in Kenya- Saset Ltd prices

Type Capacity(liters) Price(Ksh)
Electricity 100 160,000
‘’ 150 180,000
‘’ 200 200,000
‘’ 500 350,000
‘’ 1000 600,000
Gas 100 160,000
‘’ 150 180,000
‘’ 200 200,000
‘’ 500 350,000
‘’ 100 160,000

The above are the most common capacities we make or get inquiries for. If you need a steam pasteurizer or any other capacity not indicated above get in touch with us for a quotation.

We also make line pasteurizers that are more suited for commercial facilities and which cost more. If you need a line pasteurizer, they start from Ksh 500,000 and these do not have a specific volume but prices are determined by output per hour.

Above are prices of some of the milk pasteurizers we make. The prices are within the range of milk pasteurizer prices in Kenya.

If you are in the market for a milk pasteurizer of any capacity kindly let us know today. We can always customize one for you as per your requirements.

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