Kenya Dairy Board Approved Milk ATMs

Kenya Dairy Board Approved Milk ATMs

Kenya Dairy Board Approved Milk ATMs

The milk selling business is a sure bet because you are assured of daily clients. However for you to succeed in this business you need a good milk ATM machine. You therefore must be very careful when buying a milk ATM to avoid disappointments. The good thing is that there are regulations in place to ensure the right milk ATMs are sold in Kenya. At Saset, we make only Kenya Dairy Board approved milk ATMs. When you buy from us therefore you are assured you are getting the right equipment.

Features of Kenya Dairy Board approved milk ATMs

Recommended pump

Milk Dispensing ATM MachineThe most critical components that Kenya Dairy Board look for when approving milk ATMs in production or when going round inspecting in the market is the type of pump used in the ATM. There are specific pumps that Kenya Dairy Board requires you to have in your machine. Should they find that your machine is use a substandard or unapproved pump you are in trouble. You therefore must make sure your ATM uses the right pump. When you buy the milk ATM from us you do not need to worry that your machine doesn’t use the approved pump. We strictly adhere to this regulation to ensure our clients operate with peace of mind.

Easy to clean

With milk, hygiene is very important. Milk is a highly perishable commodity that must be handled in a very hygienic environment. This means the equipment for handling milk must be very clean at all times. This is something that Kenya Dairy Board checks and when it comes to a milk ATM machine, it has to be easy to clean. We make milk ATMs that are easy to clean especially the container for holding milk.

The milk holding tank inside the milk ATM is made of food grade stainless steel. It also has a fitting lid with only a small hole for inserting the suction pipe that draws milk out.

Cooling system

Because of how highly perishable milk is, it must be stored at low temperatures of 4 0C or less. A milk ATM must therefore be able to keep milk at these low temperatures. That is why this is also another requirement Kenya Dairy Board looks out for. All our milk ATMs are able to maintain such low temperatures at all times.

Why you need a milk ATM machine instead of using jugs to measure milk

  1. A milk ATM enables you to sell milk at different prices. This helps you sell to many more clients because someone doesn’t have to have a specific amount. It also helps you not cheat the client or make loses by selling more at less price.
  2. The other advantage of selling milk with an ATM is hygiene. It’s more hygienic to sell milk using an ATM because there are little chances of milk being contaminated.
  3. A milk ATM is able to keep milk cold. As seen above, milk should be stored at 4 0C or less and a milk ATM guarantees you that.
  4. Store more milk amounts. A milk ATM holding tank is able to hold as much as 200 liters if the body allows. This means that you can store more milk in the ATM immediately you receive it. No need to worry some of it might get spoilt or need to look for other means of storing the milk.

Buy Kenya Dairy Board Approved Milk ATMs from us

If you are in the market looking for Kenya Dairy Board approved milk ATMs you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today for a quotation depending with the capacity you need.

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