High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks for Sale in Kenya, Milk Cooling Tanks for Sale Made in Kenya

High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks for Sale in Kenya

High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks for Sale in Kenya

If you are in the dairy business or any form of milk value addition, a milk cooling tank also called a milk chiller is a very important equipment to have. You need a milk chiller either to cool raw milk or pasteurized milk for longer storage duration. Normally milk needs to be stored at 4 0C temperatures or below. This temperature prevents any food bacteria including good bacteria that makes milk turn to mala from being active. In this post we will share where you can find high quality milk cooling tanks for sale in Kenya and what you need to look out for when buying.

Consider the following whenever you are searching for high quality milk cooling tanks for sale in Kenya

High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks in KenyaVolume/capacity of the cooler- the main and first consideration to make when buying a milk cooling tank is the volume. How much milk can it hold? Because most probably milk will be stored there for a long time, it’s very advisable to have a large volume cooler tank. This means that you will not need to worry that some of your milk might get spoilt in case you are not able to process or sell all of it at once.

A milk chiller also gives you a buffer stock to ensure your production and dispatch cycles are not affected.

Material it is made of- whenever you are in the market for high quality milk cooling tanks in Kenya, look out for the material the manufacturer has used. The ideal and recommended material for a milk cooling tank is food grade stainless steel. This grade of steel ensures that milk retains its original quality and taste. It also doesn’t corrode and therefore very safe for handling milk.

Electric consumption- since a milk chiller comes with a chilling/cooling mechanism, it needs electric power. Before buying one it’s good to determine what type of electricity you have between 3 phase and single phase. Most chillers use single phase electricity since the cooling system doesn’t need to use very high powered cold generating unit.

Where to find high quality milk cooling tanks for sale in Kenya

If you have been searching where you can find high quality milk cooling tanks for sale in Kenya you have come to the right place. Saset is a leading manufacturer of dairy equipment in Kenya. We make milk ATMs, milk holding tanks, milk pasteurizers and milk cooling tanks.

Get in touch with us for a quotation if you need a high quality milk chiller for your business.


8 thoughts on “High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks for Sale in Kenya”

  1. Evert Oostindiën

    Good afternoon

    I represent a large dairy processing company in Zimbabwe, with a large number of small-scale producers. We are looking at procuring tanks on behalf of some of our small producers. The tank sizes we are looking at are the 500L, 1000L, 1200L and 1800L tanks.

    Preferably we are looking at cooling tanks that are energy efficient and can be run by solar power.

    Would you be able to send me some quotes for the different sized tanks listed above, and if possible what the freight charges would be.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards

    Evert Oostindiën

    1. hello Evert, welcome to Saset technical services, I have send you our catalogue via your email. kindly check. for more information call +254726747403. thank.

    2. Good afternoon,
      We are a dairy farm located at Kiambu county in Banana. Am looking for a small milk tank for the dairy farm. A tank which can hold around 200 litres.

      Kindly send me what you have.

  2. Sonnan Limited

    This is Sonnan Limited. We would like to get the price list of pasteurizers, milk coolers and cone fillers that you have. We need to purchase some.

  3. isaac mwolomet

    how much is 2000ltrs cooling tank.is prices inclusive transportations and installation?

    1. Greetings from Saset Isaac,
      Please check your email for our product catalogue
      it has all the capacities and prices.

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