How to Start a Water Vending ATM Business

How to Start a Water Vending ATM Business

How to Start a Water Vending ATM Business

Have you been pondering on the idea of vending purified water? Or probably been wondering how those that you see around started and want to see if it’s a viable idea you can implement elsewhere? This article will give you tips and insights on how to start a water vending ATM business. Since we are in the business of manufacturing water vending equipment and have been in it for some time, we have some good insight on how you can go about it. We would therefore like to share what we have learnt over the years interacting with our clients and through other means. This should set you up on the right path.

Below are some steps on how to start a water vending ATM business you can follow:

  1. Step one: identify the opportunity

In any business the first thing you need to do is to always identify if there is market for a product or service you intend to offer. You do this by doing a research to find out if there are other existing businesses in that area offering same product. If they are there it might not be the best idea to set shop next to them because you will be joining an already dominated market.

However it could be you have noticed something they are not doing right that you would improve on to woo clients. For example it could be that the existing water vendors do not offer door to door delivery but just wait for walk in clients. It could also be that the already established business is not able to meet the demand of the market. Find whatever you can exploit in a market already being served by another business and see if it’s viable enough to warrant you venturing and get customers.


  1. Step two: establish source of water

The next step is to establish a reliable clean water source. This helps you incur less cost on machinery and equipment you need for the business. At Saset, we connect our clients with suppliers of purified water. This means you will not need to invest in an entire water purification machinery. As a result you can invest that money on other things.

Please note that this deal is for our clients only. We only extend this benefit to those who have acquired water vending machinery from us.

  1. Step three: get the necessary licences

The third step is now where you get all the necessary business licences from the relevant government departments. You can visit the county government offices to know all the business permits you need.

  1. Step four: modify your business premises

Before bringing in the machinery, you need to modify the premises to suit the layout. You should identify where each equipment should be located for smooth operation. The layout should also be logical to avoid inconveniences when serving your customers. If your water storage tank will be stationed outside the premises you should make sure you have an opening for the pipes to draw water from it.

It should also be in a position to be easily filled up by the supplier if you have opted to get purified water from a supplier instead of purifying it on your own. On the other hand, if you will be doing your own purification, make sure that the layout is in an organized format to allow flow of processes.

Needless to say the premises should be spacious enough to accommodate all the equipment and leave enough space to serve your customers.

NB: We help our clients with the layout and setup of the machinery.

  1. Step five: acquire the necessary equipment

After you have done all the above to your satisfaction it’s now time to bring in the equipment. Here you need:

  1. A water ATM machine,
  2. Holding tank,
  • Reverse osmosis system,
  1. Filling table,
  2. Bottle washing/rinsing sinks with pressure jets,
  3. Packaging table.

All these and more you can get affordably at Saset.

We do setup and commission water vending stations for our clients at no extra cost. However any labor cost involved in modification and setup is on the client.

  1. Step six: establish a loyal client base

This is a very important step for long term sustainability of the business. You need to offer the best services than your competitors. This can be achieved through:

  1. Ensuring that you have constant reserves of purified water
  2. Maintaining good hygiene
  3. Offering door to door delivery
  4. Selling at affordable prices
  5. Good customer care practices
  6. Honest business practices- if you claim to sell purified water ensure that is the case.


We hope the above tips on how to start a water vending ATM business will inspire you to start one. For all the equipment that is needed to smoothly operate this business, Saset is your top choice. We make high quality water vending equipment that come with 1 year warranty. We also offer installation and commissioning services at no extra cost for our clients.

Get in touch with us today if you are in the market for any water vending station equipment.

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