Cooking oil ATM prices in Kenya shillings

Cooking Oil ATM Prices in Kenya Shillings

Cooking Oil ATM Prices in Kenya Shillings to Help You Get the Most Value for Your Money

Are you interested in starting a cooking oil ATM business? Would you want to know how much does a cooking oil ATM cost in Kenya before you set up shop? You know what? You have landed at the right place because, in this post, we will be looking at cooking oil ATM prices in Kenya shillings to help you get the most value for your money.

What to look out for when buying a cooking oil ATM

Cost of the salad ATM

In determining the cost of starting a salad ATM business, you have to factor in the different requirements and the cost of each item you will need to operate your business. One of the most important items for operating this business is a cooking oil ATM. Among other things to consider which we will discuss below, is how much a cooking oil ATM costs in Kenya shillings.

The cost of the cooking oil ATM is mostly determined by its capacity but also by body material and the quality of the components used like the pump and PLC unit. Be careful not just to buy a salad ATM because it is cheap. Chances are that it’s cheap because of the low-quality components used. Needless to say, cheap is expensive in many cases.

However, this should not worry you any bit if you buy a salad ATM from us because you are assured it meets KEBS standards and comes with a 13 months warranty. We make our cooking oil ATMs with the best quality materials and components. You can also be assured that the workmanship is of the highest level which ensures our ATMs are of the highest build quality.

Best Cooking Oil ATM made in Kenya - Cooking Oil ATM Price made in KenyaThe capacity of the storage tank in the cooking oil ATM

When buying a cooking oil ATM, consider the capacity. Go for one that has sufficient capacity for your needs or according to your budget. A bigger capacity means you can pour in more salad oil in the holding tank. It saves you the space for storing cooking oil in jerrycans and also the trouble of regularly refilling because you are running out of oil very often.

Note that in many cases, the price difference between different capacities is very small while the capacity difference is quite big. See the price table later in this post for more information.

Materials and components used to construct the different components of the salad ATM

The materials and components used to build the cooking oil ATM are an important consideration. These include the body material and the components like PLC and pump used. A good cooking oil ATM should have a body made of temperature-regulating material like plywood or MDF boards. These prevent the cooking oil from solidifying during cold seasons. However, the best ATMs like those sold by Saset also have a heating mechanism to prevent pipes from blocking in case of extreme cold weather.

The pump and the PLC on the other hand should meet KEBS standards. This ensures that they are durable and perform as expected. I.e. without errors or malfunctioning easily. Low-quality PLCs and pumps might lead to the pump not working or the PLC sending the wrong amount signal to the pump.

This can lead to losses if it sends an excess figure to the pump compared to the price keyed in or dispenses a less amount of cooking oil which may make the customer feel cheated and spread information that might tarnish your reputation as a legit business.

how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya- Double unit salad atmThe warranty given by the manufacturer of the ATM

When buying a cooking oil ATM consider the warranty being given by the dealer/manufacturer. If no warranty is given, for your own good run away from that manufacturer because it is a very clear sign the ATM is of some very low quality and that’s why the seller can’t guarantee you its durability through a warranty.

A warranty not only shows the ATM is made with good quality materials and components but also the workmanship is of high standards. Saset Ltd gives you a 13 months warranty on our products because we believe in their quality.

After-sale service

Another very important consideration to make when purchasing a cooking oil ATM is if the seller is willing to offer after-sale service. This is good because you can rest assured that in case of need for servicing or repair, you will not struggle to find a technician to sort out your issue. The ripple effect is that you will not fail to serve your customers nor will you lose customers if you aren’t able to sell to them.

It’s important to note that though you can opt to sell the cooking oil using jugs, not many people trust the accuracy of this method. It also limits you in quantities you sell because, with an ATM, you can sell at any amount the client requires from as low as Ksh 10 and even some odd amounts like Ksh 23, 37, 45, etc.

Remember: there are other factors to consider when setting up the cooking oil ATM business to give you a good chance of succeeding in this business.

Cooking oil ATM prices in Kenya shillings – How much does a cooking oil ATM cost in Kenya?

As indicated earlier, the prices of cooking oil ATMs are mostly determined by the capacity of the holding tanks as well as the components and materials used to build them. Below are the cooking oil ATM prices in Kenya shillings as we sell them here at Saset. It’s important to note that sometimes the prices may change due to the cost of materials and components used on the salad ATM.

Salad Oil ATM - Cooking Oil ATM, Salad Oil ATM Prices in Kenya

Capacity of Salad ATMs in Litres

Price of cooking oil ATMs in Kenya Shillings

20 litres 45,000
70 litres 50,000
120 litres 60,000
160 litres 70,000
200 litres 85,000
NB: Prices may be subject to change due to changes in prices of materials and components used in constructing the salad ATMs.

Where to buy cooking oil ATMs in Kenya

When it comes to making top-quality salad oil ATMs, Saset is definitely the market leader. We are known for making high-quality cooking oil ATMs in Kenya. The reviews and referrals we get from clients are proof enough of this very fact. We have the right expertise and years of experience in making cooking oil ATMs that serve clients for a long time without malfunctioning easily.

We also offer repair and maintenance at very affordable rates.

When you buy from us, we will ship it to your nearest town for free countrywide.

Cooking Oil ATM Machine made in Kenya, Cooking Oil Dispenser made in KenyaFeatures of our cooking oil ATMs:

  1. Digital control panel (PLC) which is calibrated in Kenya shillings.
  2. Heating system to allow heating of the salad oil in extremely cold temperatures to prevent solidifying.
  3. Stainless steel food-grade tanks, Food grade tubes, piping, and pumps.
  4. Pocket friendly, made in Kenya, and certified.
  5. It has self-cleaning vending tubes.
  6. Small in size, take a little space and it’s mobile in case you want to shift.
  7. It is password protected hence no tampering with the sales records or calibrated prices.
  8. Reprogrammable features to suit the client.
  9. Ability to calculate daily sales in Kenya shillings and salad in litres.
  10. Accepts M-Pesa/coins/GSM control/digital PLC input.
  11. Can dispense as low as 10ksh.
  12. One-year warranty.
  13. Customized branding as per the client’s request.

how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya- Double unit salad atmBuy a high-quality cooking oil ATM from us at affordable prices

Are you in the market for a high-quality salad oil ATM at the best price in the market? No need to look further. Saset is the market leader in the manufacturing of the best-quality salad ATMs in Kenya.

You can reach us via phone call, WhatsApp, email, or by filling out the contact us form. Alternatively, you can visit us in our production facility cum office in Kimbo Ruiru at the Toll bus stop next to Rubis petrol station.

See the google map at the footer of the page or search Saset on Google.

We look forward to serving you.



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