How to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Water Vending Stations

How to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Water Vending Stations

How to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Water Vending Stations

Unemployment among the able to work group in Kenya is so vast. Many Kenyans able and eligible to work are jobless. According to last released Census report, 39pc of Kenya youth are unemployed – Business Daily ( Covid19 pandemic made matters worse because it led to closure of many businesses some which have not recovered or even reopened. This means we all need to do whatever we can to create jobs for these people. If you have been thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship, this is post is for you. We will be discussing how to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations.

How to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations- Preparation is key

Market research/survey

Before you venture into any business, you need to make good preparations and conducting a market survey is a good place to start. Conducting a market research helps you a lot in knowing if it is a viable business. There are many advantages of conducting a market survey/research. First you are able to tell if there is sufficient market/clientele for your product. Secondly it helps you know if the target location is ideal for that type of business. The third thing is that you are able to know if and how many similar competitors are available and help you know if it’s worth venturing in the same market.

Identify suitable location

Having done a market survey and feel confident that it’s a viable business for your target market, you need to find a suitable location to set up. You need to identify a premises that can best serve your needs in terms of set up and serving your clients conveniently. One of the mistakes I have noted is seeing people set up water vending stations where there’s little traffic and difficult to be accessed by fresh water lories.

Find a shop that is well visible and easy to access by both people and fresh water suppliers.

Draw a business plan

What is a business plan?

According to Investopedia, a business plan is a written document that describes in detail a business startup’s objectives and how it will achieve its goals. A it’s a written roadmap for the startup’s marketing strategy, financing, and how it is going to operate.

Wikipedia describes a business plan as a formal written document highlighting the goals of a business, the methodology for attaining those goals, and the time-frame projected to achieving those goals.

Combining the two definitions above, we can conclude that a business plan is a written document that lays down a roadmap/strategy for starting and running the business. It’s important therefore you come up with one.

Business premises renovation

You have done the market survey, identified the location, come up with a well thought-out business plan and identified the right premises. Now it’s time to renovate and modify the business premises to suit your set up. This is also an activity that needs to be well thought out. It helps you know exactly where each equipment will be placed for smooth operations. We have a sample set up if you need one to guide you.

How to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations- Key requirements

Water station equipment needed

A water station is capital intensive but don’t be intimidated by that. Most of the equipment is quite affordable and Saset makes high quality water station equipment at very affordable prices. Below are some of the equipment needed.

Water ATM

This is one of the most if not the most important machinery you will be investing in. It helps you sell different quantities of water at different prices without doing guess work. It offers you convenience, speed and accuracy. A good water vending ATM helps you set the right price per litre, keeps the sales records and is password protected. You only feed the amount on the digital unit technically known as a PLC. The PLC communicates with the pump to pump out the right amount of water per the amount in shillings keyed in.

RO system/ pure water treatment machine

Commercial water purifier prices in KenyaA reverse osmosis system or a pure water treatment machine is for those who want to purify their own water as opposed to buying already purified water. The advantage of this option is that you get more margins as opposed to those who buy already purified water. The disadvantage is that you have to invest in the machine initially but over time you are able to recoup the amount spent. In the end you get more returns than the person who opts to buy already purified water.

They come in different output capacities. The price of each is determined by output capacity but also the prices vary depending whether it’s a reverse osmosis system or a pure water treatment machine.

Storage tank/holding tank

After you have purified the water or bought already purified water, you need sufficient storage to act as buffer stock. The most recommended storage/holding tank is made of stainless steel. However some people buy plastic storage tanks instead.

Raw water storage tank

The raw water storage tank is used to store unpurified/untreated water. When you buy water from water vendors or draw it from your source; tap, borehole etc. you should store it. This is to ensure you have stock in case water runs out before the next delivery or in case there’s water rationing or your borehole water can’t be pumped for one reason or another.

Bottle rinsing water jet

A bottle rinsing water jet is useful for cleaning/rinsing delivery/refilling bottles. It has a high pressure water jet that helps clean the bottle when it is facing upside down.

Refilling point/bench with taps

This is where you refill the empty bottles for dispatch. This is mostly used by businesses who have their own branded water and don’t need to key in amount in shillings.

Packaging benches

Packaging benches are useful for those businesses that deal with their own bottled water sold in retail outlets like shops and supermarkets. This is where you package your water after filling the bottles. This is where you place the caps and seal with the plastic sealing stickers.

NB: all the above are equipment you can get from Saset Technical Services. We are experts in making high quality water station equipment.

Sealing machine

A sealing machine is an electric heat blower that you use to stick the seals on the caps for safety and authenticity. You insert the plastic paper seals and then stick them over the caps and neck of the bottle by blowing hot air over them. This makes them stick to the cap and neck of the bottle. The seals discourages tampering with the water and if seal is broken it’s rejected by clients. This machine can be bought in any of the packaging equipment company in Kenya.

How to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations- Growth and expansion

There are a few models for growth and expansion you can adopt. This is where you get to create more jobs for the unemployed. Let us briefly discuss some of them below.

Opening more branches

Opening multiple branches if you have established yourself as a brand is one of the best ways of expanding your business. It offers simplicity and is less hustle because you don’t need to register the new business and go through all the legal requirements of a new business. However there are some who prefer to have different brands and don’t mind the hustle of registering new business. This is also another way of expanding your business.

Packaging bottled water

Another great option for growing and expanding your water vending business is by starting to bottle branded water. You can target the mass market with small volume non-refilling bottles of less than 1.5 litres capacity. You can bottle 300ml, 500ml, 1litre and 1.5 litre bottles.

Final word

Water vending can be a very lucrative business if well planned and managed. If you have the capacity to invest in the required equipment and follow the legal requirements then you can be assured of success. We hope that the above tips on how to create jobs in Kenya using water vending stations enlightened you on what you need and how to go about it.

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