how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya- Double unit salad atm

How to Start a Salad Oil ATM Side Hustle Business in Kenya

How to Start a Salad Oil ATM Side Hustle Business in Kenya

The prices of cooking oil in January 2021 have sky rocketed. Families are struggling from the effects of covid19 pandemic, schools have reopened and paying school fees is a struggle to many. All these factors combined makes buying cooking oil from the supermarket a bottom of the list item. However as an entrepreneur you see this as a good business opportunity by offering an alternative. Because entrepreneurs see business opportunities where others are seeing difficulties. This post will help you learn how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya.

Requirements for setting up a successful salad oil ATM side hustleSalad Oil ATM - Cooking Oil ATM

If you are seeking great insight on how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya, consider the following:

  1. Location

In any business, location is one of the most important considerations if not the most important. You must be located at a convenient place for your clients first and also suppliers. Make sure your business can be easily accessed at all times by clients. Remember many people visit the shop in the evenings after work so having your business located at an accessible and safe location is a big plus.

When considering the location, determine if your target clients are people who would rather buy from you or would they rather buy from the supermarket. This means that people living in leafy suburbs and high end estates will not be your clients. Even if they have much money, they prefer to shop in supermarkets. They prefer to buy in bulk from the supermarket once in a while.

However if you target people living in middle and low level income locations, you are likely to get a lot of clients. Since these people make small incomes on a daily basis as opposed to those who earn big incomes at the end of the month, they will be regular buyers who buy from as low as KSh 10 bob worth of oil.

  1. Cooking oil/salad oil ATM

The other important thing that will make you succeed is the equipment needed. This is where a high quality cooking oil ATM from Saset comes in handy. We make the best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya. Our salad oil ATMs come with a 13 months warranty and are made of high quality material. Even in cold seasons, our ATMs ensure that the oil does not solidify because they are made with materials that prevent cold air from freezing the oil.

Our ATMs come with a digital control unit that helps you calibrate prices as you wish. They also keep digital records of the sales which helps in reconciliation. This can be very helpful if you have employed someone to operate the business. The other advantage of our ATMs is that they are password protected so no one can tamper with the records or set prices.

  1. Supplies

Where you source your salad oil in bulk matters. The supplier should be able to sell you at very affordable prices and the product must be of high quality. It must be having KEBS certification too. You can get your supplies from a distributor or wholesaler because they offer very affordable prices. Though getting your supplies from the manufacturer directly can be even more affordable, sometimes they want people who can meet a certain minimum order quantity (MOQ) which might not be suitable for you.

  1. Licences

As with any other business, ensure that you have the necessary licences from the county government. Visit your county government offices to know what is required and pay to get the licences. Also place your licences & certificates where they are visible so that even if “kanju” officers come during their unannounced visits they will be able to see them without causing a scene. Also ensure they are always up to date to avoid fines and being harassed by the mean “kanju”.

  1. Pricing

How you price your products needs careful consideration. We know you want to make profits but don’t overprice your products. Make sure the mark-up you add is lower than what people would buy in a supermarket or local shop but also gives you a decent margin.

  1. Awareness

Creating awareness about your business is also one of the most important contributors to the success of your business venture. You can do this by printing cheap posters even in black and white directing people to your business. Make sure you place them at strategic locations directing people to your business premises.

How to Start a Salad Oil ATM Side Hustle Business in Kenya- go ahead and start

It’s our hope that the tips above on how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya will inspire you to take the necessary action. Now it’s your time to go ahead and initiate the process. Someone said “the best day to start is today”. Tomorrow may never come and time waits for no man.

Salad oil ATM in KenyaBuy a high quality salad oil ATM from us.

If you are interested in starting a salad oil side hustle and need a high quality ATM with warranty get in touch with us. Our ATMs are designed to last you a long time and offer you continuous services without interruption.

You can reach us via Whatsapp, call, email, filling the contact form or leave a comment on the comments box. We will revert to you immediately or soonest possible. 0

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