Tips on How to Start a Water Vending Side Hustle Business in Kenya

Tips on How to Start a Water Vending Side Hustle Business in Kenya

Tips on How to Start a Water Vending Side Hustle Business in Kenya

One thing that the Covid19 pandemic has taught us is that relying on one source of income can be very risky. It’s like walking on loose sand or building an all glass house. But the beauty about Kenyans is that they know how to wade through challenges and we saw many Kenyans in 2020 start all manner of side hustles. It’s on the basis of that we are sharing these tips on how to start a water vending side hustle business in Kenya.

Tips on how to start a water vending side hustle business in Kenya

1.      Find a good location

One of main determinants of success or failure of any business is the location. A good location will ensure good flow of customers. When determining a good location  for a water vending business, consider the following:

  1. Is it accessible to clients? The location must be easily accessible by clients. Otherwise you have no business starting this business if the location is inaccessible or hard to access.
  2. Is it at a hygienic location? One of the most important things to adhere to in this type of business is hygiene. Don’t set up the business next to a sewerage, dump site, factories with environmentally harmful effluent or near leaking drainage systems and other areas that might cause the water to be contaminated.
  • Are there other vendors you will be competing with? One of the main business killers is unhealthy competition that kills businesses. Ensure that where you choose to set up your business is not flooded with similar businesses and if possible there are no other water vending businesses at all.

2.      Identify a reliable source of water or supplier

Is there a reliable source of water or can your water supplier easily access it? Water is the main input of this business. You must therefore get it right. There are two ways you can go about sourcing the water; either have your own source and acquire a commercial water purifier or get a supplier who deals with already purified water that you can resell.

The latter option is cheaper to start but the former might fetch you better margins in the long run. Go for what works best for you. We connect our clients to suppliers of purified water. Please note this is only for clients who buy water vending equipment for us.

3.      Renovate the business premises

Now that you have identified the right location and a reliable source of water, you need to renovate the premises. It should have enough space for all the equipment needed and leave enough space for serving your customers easily. Also if you will be using a water vending ATM, it should face the direction customers can see you have pressed the right amount on the digital unit.

4.      Acquire high quality equipment  

Cost of Setting up a Small Mineral Water Plant in KenyaThe kind of equipment you use for this business is very important. High quality equipment will guarantee that your business is operating without avoidable interruptions because of machine failure. Ensure you get high quality equipment from Saset. We are the leading experts in water vending equipment in Kenya. We get many clients from different parts of the country because our equipment is renowned and trusted for its quality.

5.      Acquire the necessary licences

As with any other business, you need licences from your county council and other government institutions that are applicable. Visit their offices to know what is required so you don’t get in the wrong side of the law.

6.      Set up and run the business

The next thing is now where the real work begins. You need to set up and run the business. Bring in and install the equipment and start selling. When you buy the equipment from us, we install and commission the business for you to ensure you start off well. We also offer basic repair and maintenance training to help you fix simple problem that might affect smooth running of your business.

The good news is that our water vending equipment comes with a 13 month warranty which should give you peace of mind that the equipment will serve you well.

7.      Market your business

Now that you have your business running, you need to make customers know about it. You can place signboards and posters on strategic places where they can be seen by potential clients. You can also prepare stickers that you can stick on gates of the plots where your potential clients reside. This will give you as much visibility to the right eyes as possible.

The above tips on how to start a water vending side hustle business in Kenya will help you start off on the right note and help you succeed in this business.

Get in touch with us today for the right water vending equipment. Not sure what you need? No problem; we guide our potential clients what they need to start and succeed in this business.

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