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Cost of Pasteurizers in Kenya Shillings

Are you in need of a pasteurizer? If yes then the question we can ask you is what type of pasteurizer do you need? The second question is what capacity of the pasteurizer do you need? You might be wondering why we need to know the answers to these questions. Knowing the answers to these questions helps us give you the right quote. Type and capacity are the main determinants of the cost of pasteurizers in Kenya shillings.

Types of pasteurizers

There are 3 main types of pasteurizers you can opt for as indicated below: But before we describe them, it’s important to note that pasteurizers heat differently from normal pan. They don’t heat the contents directly. The have chambers through which heat passes through before reaching the contents to be heated. This is to maintain quality.

  1. Electric pasteurizers

As the name suggests, electric pasteurizers use electricity as the mode of heating the contents inside. The unit consists of electric heating elements for generating heat. Here’s how electric pasteurizers work. These pasteurizers are further classified into two:

  1. Single phase electric pasteurizerstop quality pasteurizers in Kenya

Single phase electric pasteurizers use single phase electric supply. This is the most common type of electricity connection in most households and business premises. These pasteurizers are ideal for lower volumes like 300 litres and below.

  1. 3 phase electric pasteurizers

A 3 phase electric pasteurizer on the other hand uses 3 phase electric supply. They are most preferred for higher volumes. For example a volume of 400 litres and above a 3 phase electric pasteurizer is the most recommended type. This is because at such higher volumes it takes less time to heat and cost of electricity consumption per litre of product produced is cheaper.

For example if cost of electricity consumed to heat 400 litres while using a single phase pasteurizer is KSh 3 bob, when using a 3 phase pasteurizer the cost can be as low as KSh 1.8. This shows you that at such a volume, it’s cheaper to produce using a 3 phase pasteurizer as opposed to a single phase pasteurizer. (Please note these are figures for illustration purposes only and not the actual figures.)

It’s also important to note that the time it also takes to heat such a volume is longer and this is what makes the electric consumption to increase. You also aren’t able to produce much more volumes within a single production cycle.

  1. Gas pasteurizers

Gas pasteurizers use gas to heat the contents. They usually have a gas burner mounted underneath the body of the pasteurizer which is fed gas from an external source like a gas cylinder or other gas sources. Where one can access cheap gas, they can be economical to run. The process of heating is same as that of electric pasteurizer.

Their advantage is that they can operate even in areas without power connection or when there are power outages. They cost more or less the same as electric pasteurizers.

  1. Steam pasteurizers

Steam pasteurizers are great and economical for large volumes of production. They can also be very quick which makes them ideal for large production plants like shoe polish making plants. However with steam pasteurizers, you need a reliable source of steam. Here’s how steam pasteurizers work.

It is recommended that you have a steam generator that is powerful enough to generate sufficient steam and pump it through the steam delivery system. If you get a good steam generator, a steam pasteurizer will be very convenient and economical because it takes less time to heat the substances. There are even wood/charcoal/briquette steam generators that you can go for. If you get a good one it will be economical to process your products.

However in cases where you have a large production plant, the commercial steam generator is more preferred and the returns are worth the investment because of the efficiency and reliability they offer. That cannot be exchanged for anything else when it comes to this nature of production.

Cost of Pasteurizers in Kenya Shillings

As indicated earlier, there are two main factors that determine cost of pasteurizers in Kenyan shillings; volume and type. We also mentioned that electric and steam pasteurizers are more or less the same price and this is in the case of single phase electric pasteurizers and gas pasteurizers.

When it comes to 3 phase electric pasteurizers, the cost is higher owing to the fact that 3 phase electric motors and heating elements cost more. All the same the price difference is not that big. However, your production needs might make the price difference irrelevant and you find that the 3 phase is more ideal and economical in the long run.

The Best Types of Pasteurizers to Buy in KenyaBelow are the prices of electric(single phase) and gas pasteurizers in Kenyan shillings:  

100 litres @ KS 160,000

150 litres @ KSh 180,000

200 litres @ KSh 200,000

500 litres @ KSh 350,000

1000 litres @ KSh 600,000

If you need a 3 phase electric pasteurizer kindly get in touch with us for a quotation.

Cost of line pasteurizers in Kenyan shillings

At Saset, we also manufacture line pasteurizers for those large processing plants like milk processing companies.

Prices of line pasteurizers in Kenya shillings:

5000 litres/hr – 10,000 litres/hr @ KSh 1000,000 – KSh 7000, 000

Get in touch if you need a high quality pasteurizer

Are you in need of a high quality pasteurizer? Regardless of your production needs, we will be able to offer you the right one. Get in touch with us today for inquiries. You can send us a message via Whatsapp or SMS using our contacts as indicated throughout this website. You can also send us an email or leave a message on the contact us form or comment box on this page.


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