Electric Pasteurizers for Sale in Kenya

Electric Pasteurizers for Sale in Kenya

Electric Pasteurizers for Sale in Kenya

A pasteurizer is one of the must have equipment in the milk value addition business. For businesses that deal with yoghurt making, cheese making, butter making, ready to drink milk etc, a pasteurizer is a must have. There are different types of pasteurizers available for you to pick from like gas heated pasteurizers, steam heated pasteurizers and electric heated pasteurizers. If your are interest is an electric pasteurizer we have you covered. Saset is the best place to find electric pasteurizers for sale in Kenya.

Features of our electric pasteurizers

  • Made with food grade stainless steel- we make pasteurizers for both food processing and other uses like production of cosmetics, alcohol distillation plants, shoe polish, petroleum jelly, medicine production, confectionaries etc. Whatever the use, we use the right material and food grade stainless steel is readily available and very common. It is suitable for use even on non-food products.
  • Different capacities- we make pasteurizers of different capacities as per the client’s needs. We also allow customization to meet need of the client. For example some prefer ‘wider than taller’ pasteurizers while others prefer ‘taller than wider’ pasteurizers. Your premises and setup plan will determine which option is most appropriate for you.Small Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in Kenya
  • Different electricity phases- because pasteurizers are industrial equipment, sometimes they are used in factories with higher than normal household electric connection of single phase. You might therefore need one that has to be connected to a 3 phase power mains supply. Whether you need one that uses single phase or one that uses 3 phase we have you covered.
  • Meets KEBS and KDB requirements- quality standards is one of our core values. We make pasteurizers that meet KEBS standards and Kenya Dairy Board requirements for those that will be used for milk processing.
  • 13 months warranty- we don’t just meet the KEBS and KDB standards but also give you a 13 months warranty on the product. This shows we are really confident on quality of the product. However it should be noted this does not apply on the parts that experience normal wear and tear. The good news is even after the 13 month warranty period is over and there’s a break down, we offer after sale service at discounted rates to our clients.
  • Easy to clean- because in many cases pasteurizers especially those commonly needed by Kenyan businesses are meant for food related production, they have to meet the highest hygiene standards. We make them with this in mind and therefore we ensure they are easy to clean both inside and outside.
  • With agitator- to help achieve uniform results in the final product, an agitator/stirrer is very important. It continuously stirs the contents as the heating is taking place to ensure both the middle/outer parts and top/bottom parts maintain similar temperatures and viscosity.
  • Geared or non-geared motor- pasteurizer agitators can be driven by geared or non-geared motors. In some cases there’s need to achieve low speeds or different speeds at different stages of production. We make pasteurizers with both geared and non-geared motors and/or VFD(variable frequency drives). This will help you alter the speed as required.

Also, some products that are viscous require low speeds when mixing to avoid air bubbles forming. An agitator with a VFD or gear can help achieve these speeds instead of a constant speed motor. However it should be noted a geared/VFD motor is more expensive than a constant speed motor which adds to the overall cost.

  • Electric elements- to heat the pasteurizer uses electric elements. These can be for single phase or 3 phase. For pasteurizers with larger capacities of 450 liters and above a 3 phase is more recommended because it offers cheaper cost of production per unit compared to single phase. It is also faster to heat than single phase type.

Where to get electric pasteurizers for sale in Kenya

Saset is the ideal place to get electric pasteurizers for sale in Kenya because we are the market leaders in manufacturing dairy products and stainless steel products. Get in touch with us today for a quotation or visit our workshop in Ruiru Kimbo at Toll Station along Thika Road. We are next to the Kenol petrol station.

To contact us use WhatsApp, call, SMS, email or message via comment/message box in this page.

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