Milk Coolers for Sale in Kenya

Milk Coolers for Sale in Kenya

Milk Coolers for Sale in Kenya

Are you in the milk processing or milk value addition business? A milk cooler is a very important equipment because it helps you keep the milk cold to avoid getting spoilt. If you are searching for high quality milk coolers for sale in Kenya you came to the right place. Saset is a market leader in manufacturing of dairy equipment like milk coolers/chillers, pasteurizers and milk holding tanks. We also fabricate milk ATMs for dispensing pasteurized milk in small quantities for as low as KSh 10.

Small Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in KenyaFeatures of our milk coolers

  1. Different capacities- we make milk chillers of different capacities depending with the needs of the client. But for start-ups we recommend them to have 300 liters to 400 liters. This gives you a good allowance to scale up without needing to purchase another one within a short time of buying as your business grows. Still if you need a smaller one we are ready to make it for you.
  2. Made of food grade stainless steel- not any material is suitable for making equipment for milk processing. We follow FAO guidelines and ensure we use food grade only stainless steel. We also strictly adhere to KEBS standards and guidelines when building our equipment. This ensures the milk is safe for human consumption even for toddlers. You however have to follow other food safety guidelines.High Quality Milk Cooling Tanks in Kenya
  3. Low electric consumption- our milk chillers are designed to use the least amount of electricity. We apply the latest mechanical engineering advancements to ensure we offer the best product that consumes least amount of power. This helps you reduce cost of production.
  4. Easy to clean- when it comes to milk handling milk, hygiene is very important. As a result every milk handling equipment must be easy to clean all parts. That is why we make the milk coolers easy to clean.
  5. Kenya Dairy Board approved- Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) is responsible for ensuring milk handling equipment meets the required standards. We strictly adhere to KDB guidelines when making the chillers and all other dairy equipment.
  6. 13 months warranty- our products come with a 13 months warranty. This however doesn’t apply to parts that are affected by normal wear and tear in the process of usage. You should have peace of mind that it will serve you well and in the unlikely event that it breaks down within this period we will fix it free. However even after warranty period expires we offer after sales services at discounted rates for our clients.

Where to find high quality milk coolers for sale in Kenya

As stated earlier, Saset is a market leader in manufacturing of local dairy equipment. If you are searching where you can get high quality and affordable milk coolers for sale in Kenya then we are the right people.

Get in touch with us today via Whatsapp, email, phone call or leave a message on the message box and we will revert. You can also visit us in Ruiru at Toll station along Thika Road next to Kenol Petrol station.

High quality milk holding tanks in Kenya

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    1. hello frank, welcome to Saset technical services. milk pasteurizing machines are available and in different capacities. reach us on 0726747403 with the capacity you are interested in so we can get a quotation for you.

    1. hello, welcome to Saset technical, services. the milk boilers are available in different capacities. 100l capacity goes for 160,000. 200l capacity goes for 200,000. for more information reach us on 0726747403.

  1. Hello, do you have a cooler for 1000 litre? and how much does it go for?

    1. hello Kevin, welcome to saset technical services. we do have the milk coolers in different capacities. contact us on 0726747403 so we can prepare a formal quotation for you.

  2. I need to start milk cooling business for the purpose of value addition and subsequent sale. Any advice

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