Small Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in Kenya

Small Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in Kenya

Small Milk Pasteurizer for Sale in Kenya

Are you starting out in the business of milk processing and value addition? At times when starting there are financial constraints that limit how much equipment you can buy. In other cases people start businesses by producing smaller quantities and increase gradually as the market grows and as they learn. You could be in such a situation wanting to start small and searching where to find a small milk pasteurizer for sale in Kenya. If you are in such a situation then you have come to the right place.

Capacity of small milk pasteurizer

What is the capacity of a small milk pasteurizer you could be wondering? The capacity of small milk pasteurizer can be 100ltrs, 150lrs or 200ltrs. We always recommend clients go for the higher capacities as much as possible so that when they start increasing production they don’t have to buy more equipment until they have reached the high levels of production.

Experts in manufacturing of milk pasteurizers

Dairy EquipmentSaset is a leading manufacturer of dairy equipment like milk coolers/chillers, milk holding tanks, milk ATMs and milk pasteurizers. If you are in the market for high quality dairy equipment you are at the right place. All our dairy equipment are made of food grade stainless steel to ensure food safety. We also adhere to world-class manufacturing guidelines when making these equipment.

Quality guarantee- we follow KEBS manufacturing guidelines to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards as required. You are assured of long life service from any equipment you buy from us.

Warranty guarantee- to prove that indeed our products meet high quality standards, we give you a one year warranty on them when you purchase.

After sale service- we also give timely after sale service to all our clients when they buy a milk pasteurizer or any other equipment from us. Always feel free to call us when you need any servicing of the equipment.

Affordable small milk pasteurizer for sale in Kenya

If you are searching for affordable small milk pasteurizer for sale in Kenya then Saset is your suitable vendor. By buying from us you are assured of a high quality milk pasteurizer regardless of its capacity. Our equipment will serve you reliably for a long time.

Get in touch with s today if you are in the market for a milk pasteurizer. You can, WhatsApp or send us a message via the comment box. We will be reverting to you inquiry soonest possible.

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