Steam pasteurizers for sale in Kenya

Steam pasteurizers for sale in Kenya

Steam Pasteurizers for sale in Kenya

Steam pasteurizers are the cheaper and more efficient alternatives for bulk production in products that require pasteurization. If you can manage to have a good/reliable steam generator then you will enjoy lower cost of production per unit if you opt for a steam pasteurizer. If you are searching where to find high quality steam pasteurizers for sale in Kenya you came to the right place. Saset is a leading manufacturer of dairy equipment and other stainless steel products.

Features of our steam pasteurizers-

  1. Made with food grade stainless steel- a lot of our clients need pasteurizers that will be used to produce food related products like milk and its by-products, juice, soft drinks etc. we make sure these pasteurizers are made with food grade stainless steel to ensure the final product is safe for human consumption. It’s important to note that you have to adhere to other production guidelines on safe for human consumption food products.
  2. Meets KDB and KEBS standards- while KEBS regulates the overall quality standards for products sold in Kenya, Kenya Dairy Board(KDB) is more specific to regulating dairy equipment. Our pasteurizers that are designed for milk pasteurization meet both standards.
  3. Comes with 13 months warranty- we are so confident in our products that apart from adhering to KDB(Kenya Dairy Board) and KEBS standards, we give a 13 month warranty on the product. But note this does not apply to the parts that experience normal wear and tear.Electric Pasteurizers for Sale in Kenya
  4. Has an agitator- an agitator is very important when heating products with a pasteurizer. They help to ensure even temperatures throughout the product as well as an even viscosity.
  5. Option for geared and non-geared motor- some production processes require that you vary the agitator speeds at different stages. In other instances you may need to produce different products using same pasteurizer that require different agitator speeds. In such a case a geared motor or one attached with a VFD(variable frequency drive) is necessary. If you need one get in touch but note that the price is higher than that of a non-geared motor with a constant speed.
  6. Different capacities- our clients range from start-ups, small producers to big clients handling big production cycles. We make pasteurizers of different capacities depending with the client need. The price of each is determined by the capacity.
  7. Easy to clean- any production process ought to be carried in a very hygienic environment even if it’s a non-food product. This ensures a high quality final product. It’s therefore important that the pasteurizer is easy to clean both on the inside and outside. We always put this into consideration and make sure cleaning it will be quick and easy.

Where to find high quality steam pasteurizers for sale in Kenya

If you came here because you were searching for high quality steam pasteurizers for sale in Kenya get in touch with us today. You can call, Whatsapp, send SMS, send email or leave your message on the comment box. Alternatively you can visit our workshop in Ruiru, Toll station next to Kenol petrol station along Thika super highway.

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