What Are The Different Types Of Water Purifiers You Can Buy In Kenya?

What Are The Different Types Of Water Purifiers You Can Buy In Kenya?

What Are The Different Types Of Water Purifiers You Can Buy In Kenya?

Are you interested in buying a water purifier but you don’t know which one to go? We understand how confusing and be when you want to buy the right water purifier for you are use weather domestic or commercial use. In this post we will be discussing what are the different types of water purifiers you can buy in Kenya.

What are the different types of water purifiers you can buy in Kenya 

There are different types of water purifiers you can choose from depending with the source of your water. The two main sources of water might be either piped water from your county water and sewerage company or water drawn from natural sources like dams, boreholes, rivers, wells or sea.

Let us take a look at the water purifiers you can buy in Kenya below. These are the water purifiers we also deal in.
Tap water purifiers

In most cases tap water is not very contaminated and it is drinkable. Therefore the type of water purifier that is used to in this case is not as robust as what you would need to purify water from natural sources that has not gone through any form of filtration or purification. However, the water still needs to be purified because during distribution it passes through GI pipes that sometimes rust which introduces rust in the water and other bacterial contamination. The tap water purification systems are needed to eliminate most forms of impurity like sediment, taste, odour and bacterial contamination that may exist in the tap water.
Borehole water purifiers(also ideal for dam water, sea water, well water and river water.)

The most common and most preferred because of their high efficiency in this case are reverse osmosis water purifiers.

The type of reverse osmosis purifier to use under this category depends with the level of contamination in the water. Let us look at them below:

For water with minimum fluoride and total dissolved solids.

The reverse osmosis water purifier that is ideal for this type of water is one that uses a special resin called activated alumina. Activated alumina is a special compound that absorbs fluoride from the water same way bone and teeth absorb fluoride in our drinking water. The water with high fluoride levels passes through a bed of activated alumina resin which absorbs the fluoride when water passes through the bed. For the bed to remain efficient in absorbing the fluoride, it is necessary to flush it out frequently to clear the trapped fluoride. However the bed cannot continue to be used indefinitely and it is recommended that the activated alumina media is replaced every 2-3 years depending with the concentration of the fluoride in your water.

This method has a six stage treatment process.

Water Filtration Machines in KenyaFor water with high fluoride and total dissolved solids.

This is water that is drawn from underground sources that has high levels of fluoride and total dissolved solids. It therefore requires a more vigorous and robust filtration and purification process. This type of reverse osmosis uses membrane technology where is able to remove minerals and other contaminants in the water up to 96%. This is done while still maintaining the essential minerals that healthy and needed by the body.

The reverse osmosis system used here uses a permeable membrane system. It is separates the incoming water stream into two effluent streams.

The permeate (treated water). This water passes through the reverse osmosis membranes which greatly reduces the quantities of the dissolved mineral salts and organic matter.

The concentrate (reject water) is the stream of water that gentry passes across the membrane service which retains the impurities that was separated from the permeate stream.

This method has a 5 stage treatment process.

NB: Before any water treatment is done, water it has to betaken to an accredited laboratory for analysis. In the lab a sample of the water is analysed with two types of water analysis methods which test different things. They include the following types of analysis:

Bacteriological analysis- this type of analysis checks weather the water is infected or contaminated with different kinds of bacteria.

Physichological analysis this type of analysis checks the physical and the chemical composition of the water.

Get the right water purifier from us 

Borehole Water Treatment Machines in KenyaAbove we have discussed what are the different types of water purifiers you can buy in Kenya. However you might not be knowing which one is ideal for you. You don’t have to worry so much about this dilemma. We are here to help you make an informed decision. We have been in this industry for over 7 years now we know what would be most suited for your needs regardless of whether you are going to use it for domestic purposes in your home or for commercial use. Our technicians can be able to guide you and help you to make an informed decision when buying one.

Get in touch with us today to make an inquiry or to purchase a water purifier. You can reach us via phone call WhatsApp email filling out the contact us form or leaving your comment below here. You can also visit us in Ruiru Kimbo toll bus to stage next to Rubis petrol station before you reach the Juja weighbridge. Use the Google map at the footer of this page or search us on Google to locate us. We look forward to serving you.

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