5 Advantages Of Using A Flour Vending Machine In Your Business

5 Advantages Of Using A Flour Vending Machine In Your Business

5 Advantages Of Using A Flour Vending Machine In Your Business

What is a flour vending machine?

A flour vending machine is a fabricated dispensing machine. It can be used by cereals shops to measure different quantities of flour or cereals depending with the amount fed on the machine. It is designed to dispense flour according to the price calibration you configure. Before we talk about the 5 advantages of using a flour vending machine in your business, let us see how it works below.

How a flour vending machine works

It operates like a normal cooking oil vending machine or milk ATM. You only feed it with a figure equivalent to the amount of money the client has and since it’s calibrated to dispense at a specific rate, it dispenses accurately as per that calibration.

For example if you sell 1kg of uji flour at Ksh170 it’s able to dispense exactly that. But because it’s a smart computerized machine, it’s able to calculate accurately how much to dispense even if the amount fed is less or more than the calibrated price. The calibration price is just for setting up the rate.

Flour Vending Machine5 advantages of using a flour vending machine in your business

  1. A simple and effective method of selling your stuff. A flour dispensing machine makes your life much easier. This is due to the fact that it is simple to use and does not necessitate any special expertise. It assists you in being more efficient because it is a computerized system.
  2. Sell more products in less proportions. A flour dispensing machine allows you to sell more flour or cereal in smaller quantities, which is very useful in low-income communities. These residents tend to shop in lesser quantities yet more frequently. This is because their income is mostly earned everyday in modest amounts as a result of their jobs. That is why even large corporations, such as telecommunications and fast-moving consumer goods companies, provide modest packages of their products and services.
  3. It is not bound to fixed weights, as a weighing scale is. Weight limitation is one of the fundamental constraints of a traditional weighing scale. You notice you only have 14 kg, 12 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, and occasionally 5 kilogramme weights.

The problem with these weights is that you can only sell predetermined volumes based on weight rather than how much money the buyer has. However, with a flour vending machine, you simply enter the amount of money the buyer has and the machine delivers the appropriate amount of flour.

  1. Maintain accurate sales records for reconciliation. The flour vending machine, as previously indicated, includes a PLC unit that communicates with the dispensing mechanism to decide how much to dispense. While doing so, it saves sales records that you can subsequently use for sales reconciliation. You do not have to manually track how many books you sell.
  2. Aids in preventing dishonest employees from cheating. Selling flour through a vending machine decreases the chance of cheating if you are running your business as a side hustle and have hired someone to handle it for you. You can keep track of daily sales and prevent staff from stealing from you as long as the flour is sold through this machine.


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