Flour Vending Machine, Flour, Rice And Sugar Dispensing Machine

Flour Vending Machine

Flour Vending Machine

Saset continues to be the market leader in offering products that offer timely and innovative solutions to your business. Meet our latest innovation called a flour vending machine. This is a revolutionary machine designed to help cereal shops that sell flour and other cereals sell their products in a smart way.

What is a flour vending machine?

A flour vending machine also known as a flour dispensing machine is a smart vending machine that is used to vend flour, rice or other types of cereals at quantities corresponding to the amount of money the client has. It works just like a cooking oil ATM or milk ATM. You can use it to sell small quantities of flour or cereals as per the client’s money. This helps you sell more albeit in smaller quantities because the price of fixed quantities can be a limiting factor if the client doesn’t have that amount.

How a flour dispensing machine works

As said earlier, the concept of how a flour vending machine works is similar to that of a milk ATM or salad ATM. You just key in the amount of money the client has and the machine dispenses flour or cereal equivalent to that amount.

To achieve this, the machine has a PLC unit that is used to calibrate prices of say how much per kg are you selling that item at. The PLC is what also sends the signal to the vending mechanism to know how much to dispense.

The PLC can also be used to record sales which helps greatly in doing sales reconciliation to know if there are any shortages or losses.

5 advantages of using a flour vending machine in your business

  1. Sell more in smaller quantities. A flour dispensing machine helps you sell more flour or cereals in smaller quantities, especially in areas of low-income households. The residents in these areas prefer to buy in smaller quantities but buy more frequently. This is because their income is earned mostly daily in small quantities due to their jobs. That is why even big corporates like telecommunication companies, fast-moving consumer goods companies etc. have small packages of their products and services.
  2. Keep accurate sales records for reconciliation. As said earlier flour vending machine has a PLC unit that is used to communicate with the dispensing mechanism how much to dispense. While doing this, it keeps records of the sales that you can retrieve later to do your sales reconciliation. You don’t have to record manually on a book how much you are selling.
  3. Helps prevent cheating by dishonest employees. If you are running your business as a side hustle and have employed someone to operate the business for you, selling the flour using a vending machine helps reduce the chances of cheating. As long as the flour is sold using this machine then it’s possible to keep track of daily sales and this prevents the employee from stealing from you.
  4. Easy and smart way of selling your products. A flour dispensing machine makes work much easier for you. This is because it is easy to operate and you don’t have to require any special skills to operate it. Because it is a computerized system it helps you become more efficient.
  5. Not limited to fixed weights like a weighing scale. One of the main limitations of a traditional weighing scale is weights limitation. You realize that you only have ¼ kg, ½ kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, and very rarely 5 kg weights.

The challenge with these weights is that you can only sell fixed volumes in terms of weight and not according to how much money the customer has. But with a flour vending machine you just key in the money the customer has and it dispenses flour equivalent to that.

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