Best Borehole Water Purifiers in Kenya

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Best Borehole Water Purifiers in Kenya

Water is life. Water is one of the main requirements to sustain life. Despite this, not many have access to clean water fit for human consumption. That why people sink boreholes to draw out underground water. Unfortunately, not all borehole water is fit for human consumption or even domestic use. This necessitates finding a solution to make the water usable for drinking, cooking and domestic use. The ideal solution is installing a water purifier. If therefore you are searching for one, at Saset we are the suppliers of the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya.

Why our borehole water purifiers?

High efficiency

Not all machines have same efficiency levels. Some have high wastage ratio compared to others. With this in mind, we sought to make the most efficient purifiers so as to avoid wastage. Wastage can be in the form of water or power. Our machines are designed to have an efficacy rate of between 90-100 % even with the most contaminated water.

This ensures that minimal to no water is wasted. It also means that electric power is utilized well because for every electric unit consumed, maximum output is achieved.

Custom made to your requirements

Because of the different levels of water contaminants (fluoride, and other TDS matter) that can be found in different areas or sources of water, there’s need to have customized purifiers that are capable of effectively purifying the water. We can customize a water purifier that is ideal to your needs and suitable to your water source.


The purifiers we sell to you are designed to serve you for the longest time possible. They are of the highest quality standards. The components used whether imported or locally manufactured meets KEBS standards. This ensures that they last for a long time without issues of breaking down.

Quality assurance with warranty

To cement the durability assurance above, we give you a 13 month warranty on all products. This gives the customer peace of mind that the item will last and in case of a breakdown, we will fix it for free within the warranty period.

After sale service

Our engagement with you does not end at the sale point or after warranty period has ended. We also offer after sale services. As our esteemed client you enjoy discounted after sale service rates.                                                Free delivery and installation

We offer free delivery to most parts of Kenya as well as free installation to all our clients. This is definitely a cost saving advantage to our clients.

Best borehole water purifiers in Kenya

If you are looking for the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya then you came to the right place. Saset Ltd is the leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of high quality borehole water purifiers in Kenya.

Get in touch with us today if you need one.

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