How to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Salad Cooking Oil ATMs

How to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Salad Cooking Oil ATMs

How to Create Jobs in Kenya Using Salad Cooking Oil ATMs

One of the biggest challenges in Kenya is unemployment among the Kenyan youth. Inasmuch as the government of Kenya has been trying to tackle this challenge, it cannot manage on its own. That is where the private sector and the broader Kenyan entrepreneurs come in. In this post we will share some insights on how to create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs.

What is a salad cooking oil ATM?

Salad cooking oil ATM is a machine designed to dispense cooking oil in small portions equivalent to the amount of money one desires to spend. It works the same way as a petrol station machine that you key in the amount of money and the machine dispenses fuel equivalent to the amount.

Normally you have to calibrate(set) the price on the digital control unit also known as PLC. This communicates to the pump that dispenses oil equivalent to the amount. For example you might set the price at Ksh200 per litre, the ATM will dispense oil equivalent to that amount. The beauty about it is that it’s able to divide the figures to small units of even less than the price per litre set. This means you can sell for as little as ksh10.

Good quality salad ATM machines like the ones made by Saset ensure the salad oil is always in liquid form in in cold times and it’s free from contamination. Our ATMs also come with a password protected PLC to help prevent any unauthorised person from tampering with the prices or sales records.

How to create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs

What you need

how to start a salad oil ATM side hustle business in Kenya- Double unit salad atmSalad cooking oil ATM

A salad cooking oil ATM is the main item that you need. It’s the most important investment in this business. You therefore need to get it right by sourcing from a manufacturer who is known for making high quality salad ATMs.

The manufacturer should be able to give you a warranty and Saset gives you a 13 months warranty. The manufacturer should also be able to give you after sale services. We give discounted rates for after sale services to our clients.

Salad/cooking oil supplier to source from

The idea here is to get the cooking oil at a cheaper price and add a mark-up but still be cheaper than branded cooking oil at the supermarket/shop. The best place is to buy from a distributor or wholesaler. Also since some brands are cheaper than others while the quality is the same in many cases(after all sometimes you pay extra for the brand name not the quality), you can buy the cheaper brands.

However ensure even if you go for a cheaper brand, the quality is good because poor quality cooking oil might solidify and you are unable to dispense it.

A good location

Location is one of the most important aspects to ensure business success. On this endeavor you have to find a location where there’s a big population of your target clients. By target clients I mean the people who are interested in your product. Inasmuch as every household uses cooking oil not everyone will be interested in your product. For a residential area of high income persons you don’t expect such people to buy from you. This class of people prefer to buy high end brands from the supermarkets.

Another aspect of location is accessibility. Is the place/premises accessible to potential clients? a good location would be at a shopping center where other business premises are and people go to shop for other items. Or if in the estates along the front streets where people pass by frequently. Just make sure anyone can easily access your business.

The location should also be secure and hygienic/clean. You should not set up a business in an area without water, near a dumping site or dirty place. The place should also be secure so that clients can feel safe to come buy from you.

Business premises

When it comes to the business premises, you have two options; either a standalone premises where you are just selling salad oil or one where you combine it with other products like milk, cereals etc. I would advice you go with the latter as it helps you reduce cost of doing business and gives you more returns because you are selling multiple products.

If you can’t find a suitable premises you can try talking to an existing business to co-share the premises. You just agree how much you will be paying for the space. The good thing is that you don’t need a big space for the salad ATM.


Licences and business permits are a legal requirement for any business. This applies mostly if you are operating your business on your own premises. As in not co-sharing the business premises. You can get the relevant permits & licences from your local county offices the department of licencing. In most counties for such a shop you only need one licence. However there are some cases where you might be required to pay for other licences.

How to create jobs in Kenya using salad cooking oil ATMs

Where to buy cooking oil dispenser in KenyaNow after you have ensured these are in place, the idea here is to start with one and monitor its growth. Learn all the necessary insights about the business as it grows. Research on how to improve and build networks. Since it’s a business that does not necessarily require college education, you can get cheap labor and employ someone if you have another job that you do. This is actually a good side hustle for the employed person.

After you have learnt these things now start expanding by having different branches in different estates. This is something that water station businesses are doing. They are opening branches all over. This way you will be creating jobs for a number of people. You can even opt to have branches in other towns across the country and this creates even more jobs for the youth.

Some of the job positions that you will seek to fulfil in this business include:

  • Shop attendants.
  • Manager(s) if you have many branches spread across the country.
  • Accountant(s).

Final word

From the above insights, you can see that with a simple business model and just selling a normal household product, you are able to create jobs for several Kenyans. Today you too can venture into this business.

If you need a good salad cooking oil ATM machine get in touch with us. Saset is the leading manufacturer of highest quality salad cooking oil ATMs in Kenya. We look forward to supplying you with one. Our ATMs can also come with M-Pesa integration for easy payment if you want this option. Other options are coin operated, digital control unit also known as PLC(programmable logic control) for keying in amount the client wants.

Talk to us today to place an order or inquire more on the same.

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