Borehole Water Treatment Machines in Kenya

Borehole Water Treatment Machines in Kenya

Borehole Water Treatment Machines in Kenya

Have you sunk a borehole but the water is really saline and not suitable for normal household use? Or you even want to commercialize the borehole by selling the water to other people but unable to because of its salinity. There is good news for you; you can invest in a borehole water purifier. At Saset, we are the leading suppliers and installers of borehole water treatment machines in Kenya.

Apart from the salinity, ground water has other impurities like metals and minerals. Though they are essential for the body, consuming excessive amounts of the same can have a negative effect on your body. They can lead to serious health complications. Therefore our water purifiers are not designed to just remove the salinity but also other micro-organisms that are found in water and can also be harmful to your health. It is for this reason that investing in a good water purification machine is very essential.

Types of borehole water treatment machines in Kenya you can buy

There are two main categories of borehole water treatment machines available in Kenya for you. There are the commercial water purifiers and the domestic water purifiers. Let us look at both below:

Water Filtration Machines in KenyaCommercial borehole water purifiers

Commercial water purifiers are those with a huge output capacity and are more robust in their purification process. They have several stages of filtration and purification to ensure the quality of water produced is very high.

They are more suitable for those who want to invest in water vending business and many of our clients are in this category. There have different output capacities so it’s important for you to determine your water needs so you can invest in a machine that is most suitable for you.

The commercial borehole water purifiers are also used by industries for production purposes. E.g. beverage manufacturing companies, medicine manufacturing companies, dairy products processing plants, chemical manufacturing companies etc.

They can also be used in institutions like hospitals for dialysis processes, schools, hotels etc. as long as it’s an institution that needs a lot of water.

Types of commercial borehole water purifiers we deal in

  • Reverse osmosis(RO) water treatment machines e.g.  3 stage RO Purifier, Compact RO Purifier etc.
  • Ultra filtration(UF) water treatment machines

Saset Reverse Osmosis systemsReverse osmosis(RO) water treatment machines

Our RO systems are composed of a filtration mechanism like sand filter in addition to the reverse osmosis. They use the reverse osmosis mechanism to treat water which is a very efficient and low cost method of treating water.

Ultra filtration(UF) water treatment machines

These machines force water through a semipermeable membrane that filters suspended solids and high-molecular-weight solutes. Water and low-molecular-weight solutes passes through the membrane to the permeate side. They are very efficient with an efficacy rate of between 90%-100% and can handle most water sources and produce a very stable water quality. These are the machines we would recommend to institutions like hospitals, beverage companies, daily products manufacturing plants etc.

Domestic water purifiers

These are reverse osmosis machines that can be installed even under the sink because they are not bulky. They are very affordable but their efficiency and importance cannot be underestimated. They enable you to enjoy clean and safe drinking water in your household. Under this category we have two types you can choose from:

Imported domestic water purifiers

These come as complete units and no need for further modification. You can just install them directly out of the box. Their main disadvantage is that you can’t have them modified to suit your needs.

Locally assembled water purifiers

These are locally assembled. They comprise of different imported and locally made parts. They are assembled locally and can be customized to suit your needs. The main components like filters are imported but other parts like the body are locally made. They are also cheaper than imported ones.

The best borehole water treatment machines in Kenya

If you are in the market for a borehole water treatment solution you came to the right place. Saset is the market leader dealing in the best borehole water treatment machines in Kenya.

Get in touch with us today if you need one. You can reach us via WhatsApp/call, email, filling the contact form or leaving a message on the comments box. We always respond as soon as possible.  

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