Commercial water purifier prices in Kenya

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Commercial Water Purifier Prices in Kenya

Commercial water purifiers are designed to purify water at large volumes at a go. They are therefore ideal for industrial use beverage bottling companies, hospitals, milk production, medicine and medical apparatus production etc. Another major consumer of commercial water purifiers especially locally are purified/mineral water businesses and companies. The latter form majority of our clients here at Saset. If therefore you are interested in buying one, here you will find commercial water purifier prices in Kenya.

Where commercial water purifiers are used

There are many industries that use commercial water purifiers. Below are a few sectors

  • Soft drink manufacturers
  • Distillation and alcohol manufacturers
  • Hospitals offering dialysis services
  • Milk packaging companies
  • Medicine manufacturing companies
  • Medical equipment manufacturing companies like those that make theatre tools.
  • Plants that make liquid chemicals like acids etc

Above are just a few examples and there are many other industries that use purified water in their processes. We believe as a client, you have made your research and came here knowing that you need one.

Classification of commercial water purifiers

There are two main categories of these purifiers.

  • For purifying water with low levels of fluoride and TDS

Fluoride is a natural occurring mineral found in the ground. While it is a very essential mineral and useful in the body for strong healthy teeth and bones, if consumed in large quantities it can have negative effects. To prevent these negative effects, it’s important that the excess fluoride is filtered out. Apart from fluoride, there are other impurities in the water commonly referred to as Total Dissolved Solids or simply TDS. They may include metals and other minerals that aren’t suitable for the body.

Low levels of the above mentioned impurities, require a purifier that is designed to purify water with low levels of the same.  

  • For purifying water with high levels of fluoride and TDS

This is a more robust machine that is capable of removing the impurities mentioned earlier that are in large amounts in the water. You find that sometimes this type of purifier has up to three filters.

Output capacity

Another way the commercial water purifiers classified is depending with their output capacity. This how much water they are able to purify per hour. When deciding which to buy, it’s important you know your needs. Make sure you buy what will serve your needs sufficiently.

Some of the industries that need high output capacity water purifiers include but not limited to beverage companies, distillation companies, large hospitals, medicine manufacturing companies, milk processing companies etc.

Commercial water purifier prices in Kenya

water purifiers for sale in KenyaSaset Reverse Osmosis System- (for water treatment with less fluoride and total dissolved matter):

Prices start from KSh 270,000 for 3000 liters per hour

Pure Water Plants- Tap Water Purification System

Prices start from KSh170,000 for  250 liters per hour

Borehole water with minimum fluoride and total dissolved matter

Prices start from KSh 270,000 for 300 liters per hour

Borehole water- with high fluoride and total dissolved matter

Prices start from KSh 330,000 for 250 liters per hour

Where to buy a commercial water purifier in Kenya

Saset is the leading supplier and installer of commercial water purifiers in Kenya. We are also the most affordable for high quality machines. Our machines come with a 1 year warranty therefore you can rest assured you are investing in a top quality equipment.

Get in touch with us today if you need one by chatting us on WhatsApp, calling us, leaving a comment or filling the contact us form. Alternatively you can send us an email with your inquiry.

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