Industrial Uses of Reverse Osmosis

Industrial Uses of Reverse Osmosis

Industrial Uses of Reverse Osmosis

There are several uses of reverse osmosis in the industrial sector.

Below are the some of the main industrial uses of reverse osmosis. 

  • Boiler Feedwater- helps remove suspended and dissolved solids in a steam generator case scale that can lead to tube failure.
  • Ultrapure Water for production of Microelectronics and Pharmaceuticals- They require water free of bacteria and organics, with dissolved solids levels that are 10,000 times lower than those found in portable drinking water.
  • Ingredient Water- this is water used in production of bottled water industry and beer production
  • Water Reuse and Recycling- Some manufacturing plants use alternate water sources to assure operational reliability and reduce potable water consumption.
  • Desalination- used to reduce the dissolved solids level of brackish water and seawater to potable levels.
  • Temporary Mobile RO Systems for Industrial and Mining Waste Retention Ponds- ​to clean water in catchment basins by some industries that collect excess process water and rainwater. The water is contaminated by pollutants that can overflow during heavy rains seasons and create an environmental impact by polluting nearby surface and groundwater. This allows them to discharge clean unpolluted water while retaining the contaminants in the basin.
  • Spot Free Rinse- ​Used to surface clean parts in manufacturing and maintenance of vehicles, and aircraft instead of rinse water that has hardness and can leave white and gray mineral spots. These spots are due to the high levels of calcium and magnesium salts present in even potable water. Their presence not only is visually unappealing but also can interfere with operation.

Types of we deal with

At Saset, we are the leading suppliers and installers of RO systems in Kenya. We supply and install class A RO systems for domestic and industrial use. All our RO systems come with 13 month warranty.

reverse osmosis systemsDomestic reverse osmosis systems

Domestic reverse osmosis water purifiers are ideal for households with normal water usage. These are suitable for homes in places where there’s no municipal water connection. You can use them to purify river water or piped water to have safe drinking water in your house.

These units are not ideal for very polluted water that is contaminated with industrial effluent. However they can be ideal for borehole water and river water or piped water that is connected in many rural homes or even water from the municipal water department.

Their output is generally not very high because they are meant to be used in a household.

Saset Reverse Osmosis systemsCommercial reverse osmosis systems

The commercial reverse osmosis water purifiers are ideal for industrial use. These can be used in distillation plants, soft drink plants, purified water bottling companies, hospitals for sterilization and dialysis etc.

Their output per hour is quite high but also depends with the needs of each commercial establishment. For companies that deal with beverages and/or purified water in bulk quantities will require high output capacity systems.

If you are in the market for a commercial RO water purifier it’s very important for you to determine your needs so that you can acquire one that serves you efficiently. If your needs are not very bulk you can go for an average machine. However if you buy a small output capacity RO system you might not be able to produce in large quantities as required.

The small or medium RO systems are very ideal for hospitals and small beverage plants.

Some other companies that use RO water purifiers include:

  1. Companies that produce medicine for injections.
  2. Companies that produce medical equipment because they need to be produced in environments of the highest hygiene.
  3. Companies that produce paint also use commercial RO systems to ensure the pain is not contaminated.
  4. Commercial milk processing plants to clean their equipment used for processing the milk. Milk being a very perishable product must be produced in the highest hygiene environment.

There are many more industries that use commercial RO systems. Above are just a few mentions.

Buy a reverse osmosis system from Saset

Are you in the market for a commercial or domestic reverse osmosis water purifier? You have come to the right place. Saset is a leading supplier and installer of both domestic and commercial RO systems.

Whatever your need is we are able to supply you with one. Our machines come with a 13 month warranty. We also offer after sale service to all our equipment.

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