the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya

The Best Borehole Water Purifiers in Kenya

The Best Borehole Water Purifiers in Kenya

Due to the ever increasing scarcity of safe drinking water in our nation, sinking of boreholes has become necessary. The problem is borehole water is mostly not good for direct human consumption and needs to be purified to get rid of impurities and organisms that might be harmful to the human body. In this post we will be looking at the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya.

Why borehole water purifiers are necessary

Boreholes are essential installations in the ever increasing demand for water in both urban and rural areas. This is as a result of increase in population, industrialization, farming as well as climate change. Climate change has mainly been blamed for low water output from natural sources which is true but we have been overlooking the other factors that have been responsible for scarcity of water for consumption and house hold use.

Because of these factors, sinking boreholes has been a necessity and in fact there is an ever increasing demand for borehole drilling services. And with that also the need to invest in good borehole water purifiers.

The best Borehole water purifiers in Kenya- what to look out for when buying

Type of filtration

The type of filtration depends with how much of impurities also known as total dissolved solids(TDS) the water has.

For water with high fluoride and total dissolved matter/solids

Underground water with high mineral content requires a more vigorous way of removing these minerals. Using membrane technology, we are able to remove excess minerals from water and attain up to above 96% reduction levels. This is possible while maintaining essential minerals that are healthy for the body. This can easily be achieved through reverse osmosis.

Reverse Osmosis: The RO system purifies water by filtering all organic and inorganic constituents with a semi – permeable membrane system. The RO system separates the incoming feed stream into two effluent streams:

  1. The permeate (treated water) that passes through Reverse Osmosis membranes contains greatly reduced quantities of dissolved mineral salts and organics (typically ≥ 96% rejection ratio). The designed recovery of the RO machine is 50%-75%.
  2. The concentrate (reject water) is the stream that contains impurities separated from the permeate stream which passes gently across the membrane surface. A certain minimum flow of ‘concentrate’ is necessary to keep the RO membranes from ‘fouling’ due to the removed mineral salts and organic contents.

Water Purification SystemsTreatment process

We recommend that water from the borehole to be put in a storage tank.

STEP 1: water is pumped through a filter comprising of sand to remove any suspended matter that will cause blockage in the RO membranes.

STEP 2: Dose an anti-scalant into the water to prevent scaling of the RO membranes.

STEP3: PH adjustment using a chemical dosing pump complete with a chemical tank to maintain the natural taste and stability of water.

STEP4: RO treatment- The “pre-treated” water then be passes through a Reverse Osmosis Unit to reduce the TDS and condition the water.

STEP 5: UV for sterilization- The water will then be pumped through a cartridge filter before bottling is done or chlorination if the water is distributed directly to points of use.

For water treatment with less fluoride and total dissolved matter:

It has the following types of filtration:

  1. Sand filtration
  2. Activated carbon filter
  3. Sediment filters
  4. Reverse osmosis
  5. Micro filtration

Apart from filtration, it also has another function of disinfecting the water called UV disinfection Pre-treatments (i.e, chlorination/antiscalant/PH adjustment dosing). This is the final process.

Stages of filtration/treatment

The best borehole water purifiers should be capable of treating water through the above 5 stages as explained. This ensures that you are getting high quality and very safe water for drinking and use even for industrial purposes.

Output capacity

Another consideration to make when choosing the right borehole water purifier is the volume of water it can produce per hour. This should be determined by your water needs or rate of consumption. We have borehole water purifiers that range between 250 litres/hour to 3000 litres/hour.

Borehole Water Treatment Machines in KenyaThe best Borehole water purifiers in Kenya- why buy from us

Best quality in the market

At Saset, we are known for offering top quality products and our borehole water purifiers are no different. We make the best quality water purifiers in the market. This is because we have the experience and technical expertise gained over the years combined with research and development and adopting latest technology.

Best efficiency rate compared to alternatives

Pump efficiency is a very important aspect that we highly observe during manufacturing. We endeavor to make machines that are very power efficient and don’t waste water during operation.  

1 year warranty

Because we believe in the quality of our products, we give you a 1 year warranty on all borehole water purifiers you buy from us. This means that any technical fault the machine might experience, you get free repair.

Free countrywide delivery

When you buy a product from us, you get to enjoy free delivery in every part of Kenya. We have partnered with top courier services providers with countrywide coverage which helps us reach you. What’s more is that you don’t get to pay a coin. We take care of that for you.

After sale service

It’s not our desire to just sell you an item and our engagement ends there. We want you to get maximum returns on your investment. Since machines and equipment experience normal wear and tear in their normal use, we want to be there for you when you need some repair and maintenance to ensure your machine keeps working at all times whenever needed. That is why we offer priority after sale service to our clients.

Get in touch with us for the best quality borehole water purifiers in Kenya

Are you in the market for a borehole water purifier? Saset is a market leader in the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya. Get in touch with us today to place an order or even inquire about our products.

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