Residential Water Treatment Solutions in Kenya

The Best Residential Water Treatment Solutions in Kenya

The Best Residential Water Treatment Solutions in Kenya

Access to clean water is very important in every household regardless of their economic, social or education level. It doesn’t also matter your religious, tribal or racial background. However there’s a big challenge in Kenya in accessing clean safe to drink water. There are different residential water solutions in Kenya but knowing which is best suited for you can be a challenge. If this defines you, Saset is here to guide you.

How do you tell which is the best residential water treatment solutions in Kenya?

For us to be able to advice which residential water treatment solution is best for you, we need to know a few things from you. There are some constant parameters that we put into consideration to come up with the right solution. These are; the amount/rate of consumption, source of your water, type of machine best suited for that source, distance from the water source and your budget. With this information, we will be able to make a tailor made solution that’s best suited for you.

Water consumption rate

Because of the different choices you can choose from, we advise you consider the water consumption for your household or premises. This is because not all people have same amount of water consumption. For example a single household of five people will not require the same amount of water like a flat, school, hospital etc. In other cases you might be running a cottage industry in your home like packing bottled water, making juices, making detergents or cosmetics etc.

All these examples have different consumption needs and therefore would require different solutions.

Source of your water/type of contamination

Different solutions are suitable for different sources of water because different sources have different types of contamination. For example reverse osmosis solution is best suited for hard water. If the water is highly contaminated then a UV water purifier is the best solution. At times a combination of the two might be required if the water is both hard and highly contaminated. At other times we might recommend a UF water purifier.

TDS value

TDS stands for total dissolved solids in water. They are the total concentration of dissolved substances in water. These include minerals and ions that are dissolved in a particular quantity in water. They are made up of inorganic salts like: calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, which are all cations, and carbonates, nitrates, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates, which are all anions as well as a small amount of organic matter.

Distance from the water source

The distance mostly affects the cost of the whole project. If the water source is far it means you have to cater for the means of bringing it to your residence. You might require a pump and also pipes.

Type of machine best suited for you

The type of residential water purifier best suited for you will greatly be determined by the above factors apart from the distance from water source. However source/type of water, type of contamination, TDS value and consumption rate will determine this.

Residential Water Treatment Machines in Kenya

The first thing to consider when looking for what are the available residential water treatment solutions in Kenya is the type of equipment. There are a number of residential water treatment machines available in Kenya that you can consider. Whether you prefer large scale or something best suited for domestic use in your household you can rest assured there’s a solution for you.

These residential water treatment machines include:

  • Ultra violet(UV) water treatment machines
  • Reverse osmosis(RO) water treatment machines
  • Ultra filtration(UF) water treatment machines

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers in Kenya reverse osmosis systems

If you are looking for the right residential water treatment solution in Kenya or wondering which water treatment machine should I go for get in touch with us. We are here to offer you the right solution.

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